Wild Viking Review

The gambling game Wild Viking can be considered to be one of the most unusual casino entertainments, which are offered at modern online casinos. In fact, this is a card game whose basic principle is borrowed from roulette. But the outcome is determined by five cards that are dealt by the dealer instead of a ball that falls into one of the pockets on the spinning wheel.

Casinoz offers to get acquainted with an online game called Wild Viking released by the world-renowned company Playtech.

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Where to Play Wild Viking?

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It is possible to play Wild Viking either for free and for real money at Tropez Casino and other online casinos running on software manufactured by Playtech.

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Online casino with Wild Viking

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How to Play Wild Viking (Playtech)

Wild Viking is a gambling game of casinos, which is played using a standard 52-card deck with two jokers and a table with a special layout.
The aim of the game is to get a payout for winning sectors after placing bets on them. Wild Viking provides the opportunity to make three types of bets that are discussed below. They can be mixed in almost any way.
The betting range varies from one to twenty-five dollars at Tropez Casino.

The layout is designed in the form of the fields for all cards from the deck and special outside sectors (red/black, odd/even, red and black jokers, wild Viking and so on). The last card out of five cards is played on these fields (based on the principle of roulette).

There are the following multipliers for the fifth cards:

  • Single card - 51:1
  • Two adjacent cards - 25:1
  • Four adjacent cards - 12:1
  • Adjacent pair of rows - 5:1
  • Suit - 3:1
  • Four rows - 2:1
  • Six rows - 1:1
  • Red/black - 1:1
  • Even/odd - 1:1 (it loses if an ace is present)
  • Wild Viking - 1,250:1 (it wins if the first and fifth cards are jokers)

If the last card is a joker, all roulette bets lose (except for a wild Viking).

Poker Bets
There are also fields for poker bets (pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house and four of a kind) on the layout. The outcome of the game for these bets is determined by taking into account the five-card hands (based on the principle of poker).

There are the following multipliers for five cards

  • Pair of sixes and higher - 1:1
  • Two pairs and higher - 6:1
  • Three of a kind and higher - 9:1
  • Straight and higher - 45:1
  • Flush and higher - 90:1
  • Full house and higher - 150:1
  • Four of a kind and higher - 280:1

Progressive Bet
This is a fixed bet that is available only when you play for real money. It becomes valid if the croupier deals at least three kings. The part of this bet participates in the formation of the progressive jackpot.
The entire amount of the jackpot can be won by collecting a hand in which the first and the fifth cards are jokers, and the second, third and fourth cards are ten, jack, queen, king or ace of the same suit.

There are the following multipliers for the progressive bet

  • Three of a kind (kings and higher) - 2:1
  • Straight - 4:1
  • Flush - 7:1
  • Full house - 9:1
  • Four of a kind - 19:1
  • Straight flush - 49:1
  • Royal flush - 249:1
  • Four of a kind with a joker - 999:1
  • Royal flush with a wild Viking allows winning the entire jackpot

More detailed rules for Wild Viking with educational course are available on the site of Tropez Casino (Menu - Help/Tutorial).

Wild Viking Interface

The interface is quite understandable, so we will not pay attention to the explanation of its elements.

Should You Play Wild Viking for Real Money?

If you like non-trivial gambling games, Wild Viking is perfect for you. In the near future, the portal Casinoz will provide our readers with an article with the description of odds in Wild Viking and optimal basic strategy.

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