Caribbean Stud Poker Review

Caribbean Stud Poker is well known for all the lovers of gambling card games. Its general rules are carefully explained at Casinoz. Moreover, you can find description of several models of online poker developed by different software producers in the review section of our website. The following article is devoted to another game of this kind - Caribbean Stud Poker developed by Oryx Gaming. 

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Where to Play Caribbean Stud Poker?

Play Free Demo Caribbean Stud Poker without registration

Our reviewers were testing Caribbean Stud Poker without registration by the virtual bets in Sin City Casino. To play for the real money in this online casino it is necessary to pass the registration and become the customer. You can also find Caribbean Stud Poker in other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming.

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Online casino with Caribbean Stud Poker

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How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker (Oryx Gaming (Bragg))

Caribbean Stud Poker is a classic Caribbean poker with its traditional rules. There the standard pack of fifty two cards is used, which is mixed before every new deal. Jokers are not used in this poker.

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker developed by Oryx Gaming is possible by the bet in range from ten cents to one hundred euro. It is possible to stake only per one box.

We wouldn’t describe the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker in details here. As it was already mentioned above, you can find it in the special article. Here we would shortly describe the gameplay and the key points exactly of this model.

Well, the game starts when the player stakes ante bet and receives five cards. The dealer also deals out five cards to himself and opens just one of them. The player weights strength of his hand and croupier’s cards to take one of available decisions:

-       Continue the game staking one additional bet in amount of two ante.

-       Refuse continuing the game, mucking the cards and losing ante.

Cards exchange is not provided by the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker.

In case the player folds, the round is finished (the dealer shows his cards). If the gambler continues playing, the croupier opens his cards and determines the minimal combination in his hands. Then the following options are possible:

-       The dealer doesn’t have game (ace-king or higher) – the player receives the payoff in amount of one ante.

-       Dealer’s hand is higher than the customer’s hand – the player loses all the staked bets.

-       Dealer’s hand is lower than the player’s hand - the player receives two payoffs: 1:1 by ante and the payoff by bet, which index depends on the player’s combinations.

-       Dealer’s combination and the player’s one are equal by its value – the customer gets the bet back.

The classic payoffs by the bet (here Call) are in force in Caribbean Stud Poker. It is following:

-       Ace-King or pair – 1:1.

-       Two pairs – 2:1.

-       Three – 3:1.

-       Street – 4:1.

-       Flash – 5:1.

-       Full House – 7:1.

-       Quad – 20:1.

-       Street Flash – 50:1.

-       Royal Flash – 100:1.

Unfortunately, the producer doesn’t provide any information about the theoretical payback index of Caribbean Stud Poker. Please read about casino advantage included into Caribbean poker in the proper articles at Casinoz.

Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus games

The prize payouts or bonuses are not provided by the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker online gambling game.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Caribbean Stud Poker by Oryx Gaming.

Caribbean Stud Poker Interface

Generally, Caribbean Stud Poker online gambling game is translated to several European languages, but not fully. The buttons at the control panel are titled. The informational section is also translated, while the captures at the table mark and in the informational windows are available only in English language. Actually, you would see only the payment indexes by combinations and a tip by the minimal game of the croupier at the table, while an amount of the bet (Stake) and the range of available bets (Min, Max) is indicated in the bottom windows.

To select an amount of the bet, please click at the chip of required value and put it at the Ante cell. Please pay your attention that the table mark looks different from the gaming tables in the offline casinos.

The informational section is also available as well as the history of deals.

It is not necessary to download Caribbean Stud Poker online poker game, because it is available right at the website of the online casino and can be launched in the browser.

Should You Play Caribbean Stud Poker for Real Money?

Caribbean Stud Poker by Oryx Gaming is a classic Caribbean poker, which would suit the tastes of those who appreciate traditions. It is very convenient, clear and functional. The graphics is quite nice, although red color of the cloth is not the best solution. We hope that the developer would complete the translation in the nearest time. Moreover, you can find advices by the game in Caribbean poker in the proper section of Casinoz.

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