Keno Review

Keno is one of the oldest gambling games known to mankind. It is believed that the game that is an ancestor of keno originated in Ancient China, so that keno can be considered to be one of the numerous inventions of ready-witted Chinese people.

Despite the fact that Keno has a very high house edge (compared to blackjack, poker or video), thousands of fans play it worldwide daily. One of the most convenient virtual versions of keno was manufactured by Microgaming.

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Where to Play Keno?

Play Free Demo Keno without registration

It is allowed to play keno for real and conditional bets at Crazy Vegas Casino. The same opportunity is provided at many other major online casinos running on software manufactured by Microgaming. The portal Casinoz can offer to play keno without registration but only in free mode.

Online casino with Keno

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How to Play Keno (Microgaming)

Keno is a free online arcade game with the standard rules. The details are discussed in a special article of the corresponding section on the portal Casinoz. Therefore, this review deals with the particular variant of keno released by Microgaming.
The aim of keno is to guess the winning numbers and mark them on the special board.
The playing field consists of eighty numbers. The users can wager on one-fifteen of them. It is allowed to stake from one to ten dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino.
The red balls that land on the sectors with different numbers on the board appear from a special tube during the gameplay. If the number has not been marked, it becomes dark blue. If the ball lands on the sector with the number selected by the player, it turns orange.
The payout size depends on the quantity of selected and matched numbers. The highest multiplier is x10,000. To win it, you should predict 15 numbers.

Keno Bonus games

Keno does not have bonus game and bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpots are not available.

Keno Interface

The main part of the screen of keno is occupied by the playing board with eighty numbered fields. The paytable is located from the left side. The tube from which the balls appear and a round window Spots Selected (the number of selected sectors) are situated from the right side.
The following buttons are located on the control panel:
  • Play allows starting a new round
  • Clear allows removing the marked numbers
  • Undo is used to return the marked numbers
  • -/+ allow selecting the bet size
  • Exit allows exiting the game
  • Help provides information
Information about the bet size appears in the window Bet, and the payout amount is displayed in the field Win. The multipliers in the paytable appear directly after marking numbers on the board.

Should You Play Keno for Real Money?

Keno released by Microgaming does not seem to be the most colorful model of those that are available at modern online casinos, but it has everything that users need for a convenient gameplay.
We are going to remind you once again that keno is, to put it mildly, an unprofitable game, so don't rush in playing it.
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