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The card game called Red Dog is not very popular on the gambling market, but we recommend that you should take a closer look at it, since it is a unique game of chance that can cause a lot of positive emotions.

9.20 /10
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Where to Play Red Dog?

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Users can play Red Dog either for free and for real money at various online casinos running on software manufactured by Playtech. We recommend that you should better use Europa Casino or one of the establishments that are mentioned on the list of top ten casinos according to the portal Casinoz. Users can also test this game for fun without registration on our site.
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How to Play Red Dog (Playtech)

Red Dog is an online version of the card game called Red Dog released by Playtech.
A standard 52-card deck is used in this game. The dealer shuffles the cards before each hand. Jokers are not provided.
The aim of Red Dog is to predict whether the third card will be higher than the first one and lower than the other card.
The ranks of cards from sixes to tens correspond to their values. The jack brings eleven points. The queen is worth twelve points. The value of the king is thirteen points. The ace brings fourteen. The suits of cards are not taken into consideration.
The difference in the values of the first and the second cards is called spread. The smaller is the spread, the higher is the payout. The multipliers are indicated directly on the table layout.
Users need to select the bet size first. Then the player receives two cards. After that, the game has two possible scenarios:
  • If the first two cards are successive (for example, a ten and a jack), a draw is announced. The bet is returned to the player, and the round is over.
  • If the first two cards are equal, another card is dealt. If it is also of the same value, the payout is equal to 11:1. If it is not, a draw is declared.
  • If the first two cards are not successive, the chip with an image of a red dog is placed on the layout field that corresponds to the current spread. Users can double the bet at this stage or leave it unchanged. Then the third card is dealt. If its rank is higher than the rank of the first card and is lower than the rank of the second one the first two, the payout that depends on the multiplier for this particular spread is made.
It is possible to play Red Dog betting on one box from one to one hundred euros at Europa Casino.
The common rules for Red Dog are discussed in the special article of the section Rules on the portal Casinoz.

Red Dog Bonus games

The rules for Red Dog don't provide bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpots are not available in Red Dog.

Red Dog Interface

Europa Casino provides users with the opportunity to download Red Dog with interfaces in different languages (all the elements and even the section Help are translated). So, you can easily master this simple game if English is not your native language. Various options of this model allow customizing the parameters of the sound and certain aspects of the gameplay.

Should You Play Red Dog for Real Money?

Red Dog attracts by the simplicity of the rules and the opportunity to win a payout calculated according to quite high multipliers. You will need a couple of minutes to master it. Then you will be able to enjoy the gameplay.
Read about the odds and recommendations regarding Red Dog in the section Strategy.
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