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Most regular Casinoz readers who regularly visit casinos prefer slots to all other gambling games. This reflects the general trend in the world of gambling. If you are also fond of slot machines, make sure that you understand the extremely important issues raised in this article.

Popular gambling expert and author of books about casinos John Grochowski have identified five key facts that every player should know about the slots.

The total amount of your bets is more than you think

Have you ever tried to calculate how much you bet on playing slots for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year? Most fans of slot machines do not think about it. Especially strongly mistaken in this regard, customers who make minimum bets. They feel like playing one cent per line can't hit their budget, and then wonder why the bankroll ends so quickly.

John Grochowski:

The first thing every slot player should know:

You bet more than you think, no matter how low the coin value is.

On average, on 25-cent machines, you can do 800 spins per hour if you play fast, or about 500 spins if you are passionate, but do not act super fast, distracted by conversations with the waitress or the person who sits next to you. Even at this level, at seventy-five cents per spin, the player bets $375 per hour at 500 spins or $600 per hour at 800 spins per hour.

For comparison, a blackjack player bets five dollars at a full table, where about fifty hands are dealt per hour. Playing five dollars at blackjack, he bets only $ 250 an hour.

Currently, in many casinos on penny slots, there are so-called forced bets. On such one-cent video slots, the minimum bet can be up to forty cents. Making 500 spins per hour for forty cents, in the amount you bet $ 200. It turns out that you bet as much as the player at the table with the minimum limit, although the denomination of your coins seems very low.

The first thing you should know if you play slots is that you bet more than you think.

Comment By Casinoz:

We can add to the above that in the online casino the speed of the gameplay on video slots can be even higher. Turbo mode, the ability to stop the reels early, disable animation, instant transfer of payments to the balance – these and other features can make the gameplay extremely fast.

With increasing speed, the total amount of bets increases. All slot machines have the mathematical superiority of the casino. Accordingly, the more you bet, the more you lose on the long run.

In slot machines, there is no connection between spins

A lot of slot fans believe that there is a relationship between the individual rounds. You also share this belief if you are trying to find "hot" slots or playing slots on progressions. In fact, this is nothing more than a persistent misconception that casino gambling customers do not want to get rid of.

John Grochowski:

The second thing you should know:

Past results do not affect the outcome of future draws.

Today, all games are controlled by random number generators. They are as "random" as people are able to program a computer so that past results do not affect future spins. If you play in a system that depends on past results, you can predict what to do in the future. Such a system does not work.

If the machine was "cold", it does not mean that it will continue to be "cold". If the machine was "cold", it does not mean that it will become "hot". Machines are as random as humans can program them so that they can't be played based on previous results.

Comment By Casinoz:

Surely you have seen a selection of Hot Slots on online casino sites. Customers like them, so operators form such lists of slots, which allegedly often pay at the moment. In fact, the probability of winning on the machine does not depend on whether it is "hot" or "cold".

At the heart of all betting systems for slot machines also lies the myth of the connection between the backs. But the result of each round is determined exclusively at the moment and depends only on the random number generator. Read more about playing slots by progressions in the training articles on Casinoz.

RTP may depend on the value of coins

Next, we will talk about slot machines in offline casinos (mainly American). In Internet gambling, the dependence of the theoretical return on the bet is expressed somewhat differently. However, this is interesting information to know, even if you are not going to visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City any time soon.

John Grochowski:

The third thing every player should know:

The higher the value of coins, the higher the percentage of return.

Models with a low value of coins pay less than the cost of the chips. Penny slots pay less than dime slots, which pay less than quarter machines, which pay less than dollar machines, and so on. It depends on the jurisdiction, it depends on the casino, but in most cases, the situation is as follows:

  • Penny slots pay 86% - 88%,
  • Dime slot machines give 88% - 90%,
  • In devices on twenty-five cents RTP ramen 90% - 93%,
  • Games on the dollar give 93% - 95%.

This does not mean that you should rush headlong to the slot machine with a higher value of coins. Remember, if you play a dollar slot, you lose 5% of every dollar, which is still less than 14% of every cent.

Comment By Casinoz:

At online casinos, there are rarely slot machines with a fixed value of coins. Usually, when choosing a bet, the customer can specify the number and denomination of chips. The level of theoretical return is not affected by this factor.

The RTP changes if there are bonus bets available in the slot that activate various prize features. As a rule, if a player makes an additional bet, the return is increased.

The maximum rate is not always needed

As mentioned above, in many slot machines, the theoretical return depends on the dignity of the coins, but this rule does not apply to all models.

John Grochowski:

The fourth thing every slot player should know:

On modern video slots it is not always necessary to make the maximum bet to get the maximum theoretical return.

This was the case in almost all three-reel quarter and dollar slot machines, as well as in slots with higher coin values due to a disproportionate increase in the maximum payout amount. For example, you could see a machine with such rules for drawing top jackpots:

  1. If you bet one coin, the maximum payout will be 1000 coins,
  2. If you bet two coins, it increases proportionally to 2000 coins,
  3. But the third coin can increase the amount to 4000, 5000, or 10,000 coins.

This is a disproportionate increase. To achieve it, you need to make the maximum bet on such slot machines. This will give you the maximum return percentage.

In most video slots – not all, but most – payouts are proportional across the table. This means that the same return is available to you, you bet one coin per line, twenty coins per line or fifty coins per line-depending on how much is allowed.

There are some exceptions. Sometimes it is better to bet more in a game if it offers a "mysterious" bonus or a" mysterious "progressive jackpot so that the frequency of launching this "mysterious" feature depends on the bet in the game or the network. The more coins you bet, the higher the probability that you will take part in the bonus.

Such exceptions are possible, but in most cases, you do not have to make the biggest bet in the video slot to achieve the maximum percentage of the theoretical return.

Comment By Casinoz:

In online slots, the level of RTP rarely depends on the denomination of coins, but other factors can influence the return: side bets, promotion through the levels, and so on.

Progressive jackpots can be played in special conditions

The rules for drawing accumulative jackpots in different types of slots have numerous variations. Often these conditions are directly related to the size of the bet.

John Grochowski:

The last thing every slot player needs to know:

If you are going to play progressive slots, you need to place bets that are considered mandatory in order to qualify for cumulative jackpots.

In general, if you do not take into account the jackpot, in the base game, progressive slot machines pay less than non-progressive slots. If you are not eligible to participate in the jackpot draw, you end up on a machine with a lower payout level.

In individual slots, there may be different conditions that give the right to fight for the progressive jackpot. Usually, in three-reel slots, you need to make the maximum bet to participate in the draw of the cumulative jackpot. In video slots, the rules are not always the same. In some cases, the size of the bet does not matter, in others, you need to make a side bet and so on.

If you are going to play on such machines, read the help section and find out what you need to do to qualify for the progressive jackpot. If you don't want to bet that much, if you don't want to make an extra bet or meet other conditions, don't play on a progressive machine.

Comment By Casinoz:

When getting acquainted with the new progressive slot, you need to read the rules twice as carefully. In new models, accumulative amounts can be played on unusual terms that are not suitable for all customers.

Recommendations of John Grohovski in the format of a training video published on the channel AmericanCasinoGuide Steve Bourie.


What conclusions can be drawn from John Grochowski's explanations? Relying on his experience and recommendations, we have formulated several practical tips on how to play more effectively on the machines:

Count how much you theoretically lose

Realistically estimate the total amount of bets for a single session and longer periods. If you're playing the same slot, figure out its RTP. Subtracting this figure from one hundred percent, you will learn what is the mathematical advantage of the institution in this model. Multiplying it by the number of bets, you will be able to calculate how much money, in theory, the casino wins you on this video slot for a specified period of time.

Read about the difference between theoretical returns and actual results in special articles at Casinoz.

Forget about the connection between the spins

Do not try to find the relationship between the individual rounds. It does not exist, which is confirmed by mathematicians and experts in the field of gambling. This explains the betting system's inefficiency on slot machines, which is described in detail in several thematic materials on the site. Playing the slot on some progression, you do not increase the probability of winning.

However, sometimes systems make practical sense if you need to streamline the gameplay or manage the bankroll. Chasing "hot" video slots is also useless.

Know the RTP level

Always specify information about the theoretical return. This is especially important in slot machines with bonus bets. Open the help section, the official developer website or the slot review at Casinoz to find out how the extra bet affects RTP.

In theory, next, you should play on a mode that provides the maximum return to the player but remember about the total turnover of bets and the amount that the casino will take away from you due to mathematical superiority. If you came to the slot hall to have fun, sometimes it is more profitable to give preference to a penny slot with a smaller RTP. On it, the institution will not win you a large sum.

Play in a comfortable betting range

The vast majority of video slots provide a level playing field for all players, regardless of the amount they bet during the spins. If large bets give additional advantages to customers, this condition is always specified in the help section or the paytable. If there is no such information in official sources, do not think that high rollers win more often or enjoy other privileges.

Learn the conditions for drawing cumulative jackpots

Carefully read the rules of slots with cumulative jackpots. Find out exactly what you need to do to participate in the progressive sum draw. If you are not satisfied with these conditions, switch to another slot machine. There is no point in playing a jackpot machine without being able to fight for the maximum prize.

Finally, we remind you that the reviews of slots on Casinoz consider all the nuances of the rules, interface features, technical characteristics, and other features of gambling. These articles provide all the necessary information and help you quickly understand the smallest details.

Do you like to play slots? Do you often visit offline casinos or are you limited to online slot machines? What do you think of John Grochowski's advice?

Share your opinions and experiences in the comments.

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