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July 27, 2017
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August 31, 2017
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Top 100 Casino Scams
August 4, 2017
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Incredible cases in the history of craps
Bet of seven hundred seventy thousands of dollars on Don't Pass, winning a series of more than a hundred and fifty shots, bet increase from one hundred dollars to a quarter million - about these and other incredible stories happened at the craps tables are in this article.
Prejudices in craps
Most fans share gambling or other superstitions. Sometimes they are harmless , sometimes they have a serious negative impact on the outcome of the game at a long stretch . Anyway, it is necessary to understand that some prejudices can not be taken too seriously , especially if they go against common sense . Craps is no exception to this rule, so this game also has many superstitions .
"Right" and "wrong" craps players.
Have you ever heard about "right" and "wrong" players in craps? These terms come from a real casino, where around the craps tables sometimes there is a crowd of players, united by a common purpose. But some players go against the the majority, which gives grounds to consider them "wrong".
The most important phrases in craps
It is possible somewhere in a casino in Vegas you can experience the favor of fortune in the busiest game room - craps . But to feel comfortable at the table , you need to know a few common phrases to make up communication with the dealer .
About craps strategy
Craps is a unique game which has many types of bets extremely different from each other by such factors as advantage of the casino. If you take into account this aspect and practice in controlling dice at throwing you can greatly improve your chances of winning at craps.
What is common between roulette and craps?
Roulette and craps. They seem to be completely different games that have nothing in common. But let's not jump to conclusions, because some aspects of these games have common points, and one of them seems particularly interesting for players and casino employees. If you have not guessed what is going on, go to the text of this article.
Controlled throws in craps
Controlled throw in craps is a professional skill of the game. Its development takes years of training , and not everyone can achieve significant results . Telling about it's secrets in words is impossible, however, we will try to tell you in this article about some aspects of this technique,.
History of dice control technology in craps
Technique of dice control in craps means throwing ability of a player to throw dice in a special way, often helping to achieve the desired result. This ability is known for many years, and professionals are constantly working on its improvement, achieving new successes.
Place bets at craps
In craps is a special category of rates, which are combined under the name of Place. They are not as beneficial to the player as the Pass Line bet combined with Odds, but to add variety to the gameplay and can also be used successfully. If you do not know what it is about, check out this article and you'll be closer to this exciting game.
Methods of holding dices when playing craps
Have you heard about controlled throwing in craps? It is believed that professionals can throw the dices in a special way that allows them to get a desired score. To learn more about this phenomenon, read the article about the most common methods of holding bones in the hand of the shooter.
Tips for playing craps
Craps is still poorly known among the residents of the former USSR. And it is sad, because it lets to achieve a very low house edge, and some betting does not exist. Isn't it a reason to learn more about craps? We will help you with a few simple but effective tips.
Insurance bets in craps
It is considered that various betting systems do not help in the game of craps. However, many players are trying hard to find a strategy that will help them to get a regular income. One of these tactics is insurance bets in craps helping fans of the game to minimize potential losses.

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