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These games seem to be quite different from each other, and seemingly obvious differences between them. Completely different tools, gameplay, and more rules suggest that they have nothing in common. However this is not entirely true. In these two games result depends on the laws of physics and human factors. Let's examine this in detail.

A dealer in the game of roulette, spins the wheel and launches the ball on the track in the opposite direction. In various casinos, the wheel can be rotated in both directions or only in one direction, but the ball always moves in the opposite direction. When it slows down, the centrifugal force is weakened and under the influence of gravity, it starts to fall on the rotating part of the roulette faced with reflectors, galloping across the partitions between the cells and stops in one of the cells. That is, everything happens according to the laws of physics.

In craps everything is easier. The player, who is called the "shooter", throws a pair of dices to the opposite end of the table. They fly through the air, faced with a table and the rim, and then stay on the table. Elementary laws of physics.

In roulette, a human factor is manifested in the form of dealer's activity. They vary in turn, and each of them repeatedly runs the ball. Often, the work becomes routine for them so that they literally repeat exactly every spin. Repetitive actions are the so called "muscle memory". They rotate with the same force the roulette wheel, with the same force they run a ball. As a result, there is a definite trend, sometimes called "the dealer's hand." Catching it is used by some experienced and observant players.

In craps, players deliberately use muscle memory, making thousands of training throws and seeking control over them. To do this, they learn a special way to put the dices together, take them in hand and throw correctly. All this reminds training athletes who work out some movements and techniques.

Consequently, roulette and craps act according to the laws of physics, the players use muscle memory, which directly affects the process. However the use of involuntary muscle memory in the roulette can cost a lot for a dealer, but for a player of craps it is a sign of excellence and reaching it significantly improves the quality of his game.

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