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Perhaps, craps is the most spectacular game of all presented at land-based casinos. Players can roll the dice on their own, and that attracts many. Of course, such an opportunity made advantage players ask:

Is it possible to control the dice roll to hit the desired combination?

Let's see how this trend developed.

History of Craps Dice Control

Controlled dice in craps have been discussed for a long time. More specifically, the first mention of this technique dates back to the '20th of the last century.

However, the first genuinely effective methods were developed only at the end of the 20th century. The authors of one of these methods are Chris Pawlicki, better known as "Sharpshooter," and Jerry Patterson. Their technique is called Patterson Rhythm Roll (shortly PARR).

Pawlicki worked as an engineer in the automotive industry, and his excellent knowledge of physics helped him in the development of his system of the dice roll and achieving predictable positive results.

Of course, this does not mean he has learned to get the desired score in every roll. However, in the long run, consisting of thousands of throws, he could significantly reduce the rate of losing 7 points.

He combined his roll technique with a particular grip of the dice that increased the efficiency of the method.

Then, he developed various methods of placing the dice between each other. With the proper role, the desired result could be achieved more often.

  • If he needed 6 or 8 points, he took the dice in a particular way;
  • If the goal was 5 or 9 – completely different.

This system's uniqueness is that it is available to any person with regular coordination and agility who can spend enough time training to master it.

Jerry Patterson was a math teacher and computer expert. His contribution to the PARR was developing the betting system, bankroll management, and predicting the most probable numbers. Together, they learned how to use this new craps strategy successfully.

At, you can find a book by Chris Pawlicki, "Get the Edge At Craps," revealing the secrets of this technology. It would be great to learn its contents, but remember that achieving success without long practice is impossible, so be prepared for maximum effort.


Do you believe in controlled dice rolls in craps? Do you think this is an efficient method? Please share your opinions in the comments.

Frequently asked Questions

🎲 Is that true that craps pro players can hit the desired score every time they roll?

Of course not, but they can do it more often.

👌 How do casinos respond to controlled dice roll?

Usually, they have no claims to the player unless he breaks a rule.

👍 Where can I use the controlled dice roll?

Of course, only in land-based casinos. Look for craps nearby.

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