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Typically, when a new player in craps little knows the table, he also wants to throw the dices. Of course, there are certain rules, how to do it, but that's not all. Many players believe that you can throw dice in a certain way. This topic is regularly raised and discussed at various forums fans craps. However talking about full control is wrong, because when they throw according to all rules of the game it is impossible to guarantee the desired result. Therefore, it is likely, a discussion of some tricks that can help reduce the probability of seven points after the Point.

Throwing is controlled by holding the dices in a special way, with the correct grip and throwing the same way every time. Thus they achieve a certain percentage predictable results. Your goal is try to avoid seven points after determining the number of Point so that they fell rare.

First, you must learn how to properly hold the dices. There are several ways that give different results if the dices roll around a single axis. Let's look at the most popular ones used by experienced players to control the throw.

"Hard" way

"Hard" mode implies that before throwing dices you add up so that the adjacent outer edges make the following combination- 5:5, 4:4, 3:3, 2:2. No matter which of these pairs will be on top, as long as they are arranged in this way. This method lets one of dives capsize once in any direction without forming seven points. If both dices rotate only in one axis, seven points can be obtained only at double coup of one of them.

This is also the best way to train, because it allows you to see how the bones rotate at shooting. You bettee use two dices of different colors, not to confuse right and left of them. This will allow maximum tracking the exact path of dices after hitting a table.

Method "3V"

This method is called "3V", because the dice are arranged in way that the faces of the three points form the letter "V", if you look at them from above. This option is best suited for throwing six and eight points. On the outer edges along the axis must be two and five, and in other neighboring faces must be a combination of 4:4, 5:1 and 6:2. In this embodiment also does not matter which one of these pairs will be on top. If you like, can take them in hand so that the top ones are 4:4.

Method "2V"

The method of holding bones called "2V" looks like a "3V", only the letter "V" is form of deuces. It is used when you need to get four or ten. Other adjacent faces have combinations of 3:1, 4:6 and 5:5.

Method "All Seven"

Holding the dices on the principle of "All seven" is used to throw seven points at the stage of Come Out Roll. The duces are held in a way that all edges have total score of seven. You can do this in two ways. The first of them is correct - 5:2 and 3:4 on adjacent edges of the dices. A second one is less efficient, therefore it is wrong: 6:1 and 3:4. The score on the opposite faces of the dices are also equal.

You can often hear stories of players that the casino administration does not allow them to hold bones as they want to. However in most cases, this is due to the fact that the players take too much time, or they do it too clearly. You should practice a lot to look at this process naturally and easily, then no one will find fault in you. This should be done with one or two movements, depending on how the dice lie on the table.

In next articles we will discuss how to properly throw the dices, what factors should be taken into account so that they stay still after throwing them in the right way and how it is possible.

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