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The complex layout of the craps table, somewhat tricky rules, and the unusual gameplay often scare new casino customers. I must say, their fears are well-founded.

For a skilled user, craps is one of the most profitable games. At the same time, if you are not well-versed in the rules' specifics, your bankroll will likely quickly be out.

The reason is that each of the bets in craps has a certain house edge. In some of them, it exceeds 15%, but in others, it equals 0%.

Therefore, you must understand which bets should be made and which should always be avoided.

But not everything is as difficult as it may seem. After reading this article by Casinoz, you can go to the casino and start playing craps almost professionally.

General Rules of Craps

Details of the rules of craps are described in another article on Casinoz. Below, we will only mention the basics.

At the beginning of the round, all players place bets on different fields, trying to guess the result of the next shooting of two six-sided dice with dots from one to six.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, one client becomes the shooter in each round. He throws the dice to make the winning combination. In online casinos, craps games are based on random number generators.

The gameplay can be divided into two stages:

  1. the Come Out Roll,
  2. the Point round.

The first is set by Point, fixed at 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. In this case, the game proceeds to the next step - Point. If, on the first stage, 2, 3, or 12 points land, Craps is declared, and the shooter loses. If 7 or 11, the situation is called Natural, and the player continues to throw the dice until he sets Point or loses.

Before shooting the dice on Come Out, you can bet on Pass the Line and Don't Pass the Line.

  • In the first case, you win if the shooter wins; in the second - if he loses.

If he sets Point, you win if he gets the same number again before winning seven.

Making one of these bets, remember that the neighbors do not favor customers who bet on the losing hand because most are on the shooter's side. This creates a unique atmosphere of unity at the table when everyone has a common goal and wants the same. If you are interested only in the result, you know that the house edge is less than 0.05% in Don't Pass the Line.

These are the main bets in the game of craps. While you are not familiar enough with the table, it is recommended to use them. But there is one bet which stands out immediately.

The Best Bet in the Casino

Have we drawn your attention to this header? Yes, we will tell you about the best bet in casino games. It is considered the best one because it has no house edge. In other words, you play on equal terms with the casino.

We are talking about the Odds bet, which can be done only after setting the Point.

If you do not know where to place it, ask the dealer to help. This bet will increase the amount won in the first round. Odds are calculated by true odds (you can specify them in the rules of craps), which makes it very advantageous.

How to Play Online Craps in 2024

In online casinos, craps has a significant difference from its original version.

We're talking about dice rolling. Or rather, its absence.

For understandable reasons, players cannot physically roll the dice in virtual craps. Some software developers offer models with player-initiated simulated throws, but these are just animation effects designed to make the process more visually appealing and engaging. In reality, the outcome is always determined by a random number generator.

The RNG allows for faster gameplay but makes it less colorful and captivating. Many believe that the craps game loses its charm in online casinos.

These claims are not unfounded:

  • There is no unique atmosphere of unity among players at the craps table.
  • You cannot personally attempt to roll the desired dice combination.
  • There is no opportunity to simply observe a sea of emotions and enjoy interacting with fellow players.

On the other hand, online craps in an internet casino has its advantages:

  • The ability to play for free,
  • A wide range of betting options,
  • Support for almost any device, including modern smartphones,
  • Various settings, and so on.

Let's also mention another crucial feature:

In online craps, some manufacturers offer separate bets with higher odds than land-based clubs.

Finally, it should be noted that most casinos do not allow the use of craps to clear bonuses. If this option is available, only a small portion of the amount wagered is typically counted toward the wagering requirements.

You can play craps online for free on Casinoz.

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What Should You Remember About Craps?

An action plan for beginners is simple:

Bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass Line and wait for the result; if the Point is set, add Odds.

Later, you can experiment with other bets (although they are less profitable for a casino client), use various systems (do not expect miracles and never buy them), or even try to control a throw of the dice if you are going to play in offline casinos.

You can learn more about craps in other articles on Casinoz.

And we'd love to hear your thoughts about this game of chance. If you play craps for money, tell other readers about your achievements. 

Frequently asked Questions

📜 Are the rules of craps difficult?

They are, but for most casino customers, it is enough to know the basics. 

🎲 Do all casinos offer craps in 2024?

No, they do not. In some countries, craps is not popular at all. As for online casinos, many of them do offer craps to customers.

🆓 Can I play online craps for free in 2024?

Many online casinos allow customers to play free craps. As a rule, these are varieties of craps based on random numbers generators. Live dealers' craps tables are usually not available for free. 

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