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"If you have not met a wizard in your life, it does not mean that he does not exist"

(Max Frei)

One of the most compelling evidence of the impossibility of the presence of the supernatural powers in humans is the following question: "Why there are no headlines "Psychic won in the casino"?" So, if you are a psychic and you need money, what could be easier to go to the casino and select the slot machine, which will give you a jackpot in a few minutes? Or you can simply manage the roulette ball so that it stops at the number you want. Let's find out why these headlines are absent, do psychics play in casinos and whether it is possible for the psychic to use abilities for personal gain or not.

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First of all, we will not state with mathematical precision that extrasensory perception exists in principle. No matter how many scientists proved that there were no miracles, life showed the opposite. Miracles still happen sometimes. If you do not believe in supernatural abilities of humans, it does not mean that they do not exist. Thus, ancient people believed that the Earth is flat and lies on three elephants. And where is such hypothesis now? There are tons of mysterious facts, direct and indirect proofs, compelling evidence that the world around us is not the one we perceive. And scientists have gradually begun to understand these obscure things. Physics of fields, quantum processes, Hadron Collider, the Higgs boson that is called "God particle", etc. So we just take for granted that "something" exists.

Well, if there are psychics and there are casinos, psychics should visit casinos. It is said in vain that there is nothing about them in the newspapers. It is not true. Although now more and more things are written on the Internet... Let's discuss a few stories about psychics in casinos, ranging from the most doubtful tales to quite accurate information.

Tales from the Internet

It is said that in one famous St. Petersburg casino a few nights in a row appeared unremarkable player and made small bets, moving from roulette to poker and back. And then one night, as usual, he won some pennies at the roulette, went to the cashier, took the cash and left. And in the morning, when the cashier began to count the money she found that 50 thousand dollars were missed! Employees of the casino started watching video... and they were shocked, they did not understand anything, she watched in horror as she gave the player 50 thousand dollars instead of 50. Cashier, of course, was fired, and the hypnotist did not appear.

Man incognito

This tale is not exactly about extrasensory perception, it is sufficient to master ordinary hypnosis for such tricks... Wolf Messing was said to make such thing several times. That will do for the beginning.

Several years ago, a Frenchman was regularly visiting gambling establishments of the C?te d'Azur. Each time he won tens of thousands of dollars! Of course, the casino owners began to suspect him of fraud and prosecuted an independent inquiry. It turned out that the mysterious player did not use any usual trick of fraudsters: he was not in cahoots with the dealer; he did not use any mathematical system, special devices that could affect the rotation of the roulette wheel. It was possible to assume only one thing: this man, whose name, by the way, was unknown, was the strongest psychic. He was just blacklisted.

Well, it happens... but the next tale will be more interesting. One journalist also had the same question, as we have, "Why there are no headlines "Psychic won in the casino"?". This investigative journalist decided to talk to various fortune-tellers and psychics, whose advertisements he could find in the media or with the help of acquaintances, and asked for help in his case. Some of them agreed, and the journalist took them to the casino. The result was negative. All psychics failed to win. But once he was introduced to a wonderful man... then we offer our readers the story of this journalist:

... It does not matter how I met this man. Let's just say I was introduced to him. He looked ordinary, never gave advertisements. People went to him themselves.

- Of course, it is possible to beat casino, - he said. - In my youth I have been there many times, I know what I tell you. But for what? I do not take money from patients. Every visitor gives as much as he or she can, or gives nothing.

- You do not take money - I replied. - Prove that you can really win in the casino. Will you mesmerize a dealer or ball?

- I will hypnotize nobody, - he said.

- I will just create a situation in which the casino loses, and you win.

We went again to the casino. I took with me all the money, a thousand dollars. I did not hope to win. We drank coffee and orange juice. "Gamble on small bets - he said. - I need to take a closer look".

I started playing and within an hour lost everything.

- Now bet on eight - he said.

I made a bet and won.

- One more time on eight.

I made a bet and won again.

- Now change all that you won and bet on eight.

- Wait, but the probability is too small...

The dealer looked at me with obvious interest. Psychic smiled.

- Do what I say.

I bet everything. And I won again. It is just a miracle.

- Enough - said the psychic. - I showed you everything I could. Take your money, and I ask you, do not go to the casino ever.

- Explain me, please, why eight? - I implored. - Have you done something or is it pure coincidence?

- Think what you want, - he answered. - I showed you what I promised. Delete my phone number. I will never do this again in my life...

Interesting stories... Unfortunately, they can not be verified, so they do not prove anything. Then we are going to tell you stories of psychics, about whom it was written in newspapers.

Russian psychics

Lily Khegai was the winner of the fifth season of the Battle of Psychics in 2008. He lived in a poor family and started playing in the casino to earn a living and help her family. Initially, she was very successful, she won with such regularity that after a while got blacklisted in Moscow casinos. But the excitement was stronger than she was, and Lily began to lose. Read how she describes this episode of her life:

"I have no education, so I earned a living gambling in casinos using my supernatural powers. But casinos cause severe gambling addiction, which I don't wish it to anybody. My gift helped me only in the beginning. And then I stopped listening to my inner voice. And I began to lose. It was a very difficult time for my family, a real grief. I decided to get rid of it and called the project the Battle of Psychics to consult. In response, I was offered to become its participant. I agreed".

Natalia Banteeva is the winner of the sixth season of

Natalia Banteeva was the winner of the sixth season of the Battle of Psychics in 2008. She was a scourge of St. Petersburg casinos, which refused to let her in.

- But I still pass inside! - Natalia said. - I closed myself by the darkness and entered. Five minutes later they suddenly realized that I was there! I was not allowed to be near the dealer because when I casually touched him and knew what it would be.

- Did you become rich that time?


- I became rich in money, but lost my health. Nothing happens just like that. This one comes and this one goes. And what is gone is always more valuable. Yes, I did win large sums, so they did not want to let me in.

- And how did you spend your money?

- It was very funny. I squandered everything with my friends. Nothing left from that easy money. But I have abandoned doing bad things. About three years ago I moved to the "white side" and now I'm trying to help people.

As you can see from these stories, extrasensory capabilities can be used for the purpose of enrichment. Psychics are the same people as we are. They need money, and a visit to the casino is not the worst way to get it. However the easy money did not bring anything good for both ladies. So easy come, easy go.

Well, of course you can say that the Battle of Psychics is just a performance, everything is a fake and these psychics lie. Maybe you are right or maybe not. Are do newspapers also lie :) In this case, let's take a look at a couple of other stories that seem to be more reliable.

Uri Geller

Surely everyone has heard about this legendary spoon bender. We will not argue whether he is a real psychic or not. We will just rely on the opinion of the President of Mexico. The fact is that in the 1970s, Uri Geller lived in Mexico and worked in local government. He was looking for oil deposits. It is interesting how he was doing it: his plane was flying over Mexico and he was poking a finger down and was saying: "Oil is here". And it seemed that these flights were not entirely unsuccessful, if the President of Mexico provided him with citizenship of this country and personally handed the passport of Mexico.

Uri Geller

So, the friends and acquaintances often teased famous psychic Uri Geller. Why are you working hard for pennies instead of making a couple of casinos in Vegas bankrupt? - They said. Uri always laughed off, and, by the way, he had in his life one story...

Once upon a time, when he arrived in England, Geller and his friend and producer Shipi went to the casino in order to try to use Uri's abilities at the roulette table. What happened that night is not known exactly. Whether he forced to stop the ball exactly where he wanted it, or simply guessed numbers... But the result was ten out of ten! It was not just luck, but one of those unique cases, when you were fully assured that you could avoid fails and you knew it perfectly. Geller and Shipi were not in a hurry to win huge sums to avoid attraction of too much attention. After midnight they returned to Churchill Hotel with pockets full of banknotes. In the morning, they counted the profits. It was approximately 17 thousand pounds. In those days it was a very significant sum. Being very excited, friends decided to go to Monte Carlo in the near future.

And the next day a huge "Daimler" was delivered to the hotel to take Geller on a television recording in Liverpool. He took the win with him and opened the case to check whether all the money was inside. And at that moment something utterly inexplicable happened to him and it was very horrible! There was a sudden explosion in the head. He felt a tight iron hoop around it and the pain was unbearable. In the mind there was only one thought: why it was necessary to use my abilities to gain? Psychic was trembling, his throat was dry and his head seemed to be about to be smashed to pieces. He thought that he was going crazy. Then, suddenly, bright electric lights went switched off and everything stopped as suddenly as it began.

Then he pulled out money bag from the car and threw it on the road!

"If police find the bag and consider it as stolen money, let it be like that! Here's an example of what can happen when psychics abuse their extrasensory capabilities!" - He said.

Since that time Uri Geller has never played in casinos.

Jane Dixon

This name is now a little forgotten, but before it was famous! Jane Dixon was hired by US presidents and her prophecies were published in newspapers. It is the most famous fortune teller United States. Here is a partial list of her predictions that come true: the death of Franklin Roosevelt, the surrender of Germany in World War II, the earthquake in Alaska, the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, the first launch of Soviet satellite, the partition of India, the disaster of the space shuttle "Apollo", the resignation of Khrushchev, the exact date of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, resignation of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the electoral victories of Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, the unification of Germany and the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the USSR. Only imagine her track record. Probably she really was some kind of a psychic.

Jane Dixon

Just as in the story of Uri Geller, friends always teased her: "You do not even have a normal car to go there! Why do not you use your abilities to win the Lincoln lottery?" And one day their teasing made her lose her temper. It was in the street. She approached the seller of lottery tickets, closed her eyes and moved her hand over a bunch of lottery tickets selecting one of them.

"I do not advise you to throw your money away - Jane said to people who stood nearby and wanted to buy lottery tickets. - The car is already mine."

And next Saturday a lottery table was printed in a local newspaper. The ticket was checked and it was found that the main prize - a Lincoln car- won the ticket, which had been pulled out by Jane Dixon! It is now clear what was she has done with the car, but it was the only event in her life, when she used her gift for her own benefits.

There are many witnesses that confirm these stories about winnings of Uri Geller and Jane Dickson. But both psychics tested their abilities in the struggle with success only once. And even if they won, could it be just a coincidence? In casinos even more mysterious things may happen. It is enough to recall the legendary "The Run" of Archie Karas or a story of Charles Wells. What do you think? Have you ever heard about psychics who gambled a lot without negative consequences? Well, such case occurred, but not in the casino. It happened on the exchange market.

William Gunn

William Gann was a famous financial trader of the first half of the twentieth century, whose portrait has been decorating the entrance to the building of the New York Stock Exchange for decades. William Gann is known as the greatest trader of all time, and his unique methods of stock trading are still studied by professional traders in different countries. In 1927, William Gann wrote the novel the Tunnel Thru the Air, a story in which he encrypted his own discoveries. Until now, it excites minds of traders who try to decipher the secrets of this book, but few of then achieve success.

William Gunn

Strictly speaking, Gann can not be called a psychic. All his predictions are based not on some sort of foresight and prophecy, but on mathematical calculations. There is one "but". In his calculations alongside other things William Gann used astrology and numerology. William Gann succeeded in earning more than $50 million using these "pseudosciences"!

Some numbers are dominant in Gann's trading techniques due to reasons of different nature: some due to religious and spiritual causes, the others due to historical or psychological reasons. For example, the most frequently he mentioned such numbers 7, 9, 12 and 144. Gann thought that the number 3.5 was very important, because it was half seven and it was mentioned many times in the Bible, which he considered to be the most important book of all time. In addition, an important place in his books is occupied by squares of the numbers: 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 121 and 144.

Gann had a large circular horoscope, in the centre of which the date of October 12, 1492 was written. It was the date of Columbus' discovery of America. In addition, he used the map of the US Independence with the date of July 4, 1776, the map of the American Stock Exchange of May 17, 1792, the first map of the registration of the Chicago Board of Trade with the date of March 13, 1848 and the second of the registration dated February 18, 1859. All these natal horoscopes are located in the centre and on the outer circumference there were all connections and oppositions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto from 1600 to 1960. Jupiter-Saturn cycle covers approximately 20 years, and their opposition occurs approximately each 10 years. Gann took into account the ten-year cycle on the stock market.

For example, here is one of his predictions, which was published in November 1928 and related to September 1929: "September indicates the biggest drop of the year. The undermining of investors' confidence, the audience tries to get out of the market, but it will be too late... Black Friday indicates the panic drop on the stock market with a very small upward correction. Short sales would be the most beneficial. You should sell short stocks and build a pyramid all the way down". Everything happened in that way: a big bull market of shares ended on September 3, 1929, which caused great panic in the United States and was the beginning of the Great Depression. In addition, William Gann predicted the First World War in 1914 and panic on the markets. In 1918, he also foresaw the end of the First World War and the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm. In one of his books, he predicted the beginning and end of the Second World War, described how it would evolve and why Germany would be defeated and why America should avoid going to war.

William Gunn

The story of William Gann can be considered as completely reliable. It is confirmed by a bunch of documents. The fact of the use of astrology and numerology in his predictions and methods of stock trading can not be denied. But if this is not enough for you, we will offer you a real celebrity - George Soros! "Icing on the cake", if you like :) Of course, he certainly can not read minds and talk to spirits, but you should read what he is writing about his trading techniques in the book Soros on Soros:

I feel pain. I rely on animal instincts. When I actively managed the Fund, I had backache. I interpreted the beginning of acute pain as a signal that my affairs were going wrong. Pain in the back showed me what was not ok (for example, the lower back meant short-term investments, the left shoulder indicated currency). This pain encouraged me to search for reasons of troubles, what I could not do in another way. This is certainly not the most scientific way to manage your investments.

Huh? What do you think? The most prominent modern financier works based on back pain and animal instinct! And you say psychics, psychics...

Let us assume that psychics exist. They may be strong or weak, in one word, different. Then we must admit that it is difficult for ordinary people to understand the principles of operating supernatural abilities. We think that if you're a psychic, you should know everything, predict earthquakes and win in casinos. But here the elementary analogy may arise: ordinary people can have either scientific mindset or humanitarian one. Someone has a taste for music since childhood, the other one likes to draw. Some people are able to command and organize others, and some can only obey. And so on. So, why psychics should be others? They are different - telepathists and telekinetists, fortune-tellers and healers, psychics and mediums. Everyone has his or her own talent, and it is not always possible to use it in casinos.

Besides, the psychics explain the absence of the desire to gamble in casinos in the following way: the main reason is the prohibition of "higher powers" to use their gift for personal gain. If they violate this ban, they will pay for it by health or their gift abilities. Perhaps that is why cases of psychics who gamble are so rare.

The famous medium of the early twentieth century Edgar Cayce believed that the Earth was surrounded by the information field, where there were answers to all our questions. It is just necessary to be able to get this information and correctly interpret it. He called this field "Akashic Records". Have you ever had situations when you understand that situation it is necessary to act in this way and not in the other way? Intuition is the term that is so familiar to many players. What is it? This is also foresight, or, in other words, the ability to read information from the Akashic Records. An ordinary person uses this ability unconsciously from time to time and psychics do this during the whole lifetime improving and developing their abilities.

It would be interesting to know that our readers maybe have had cases of intuitive gambling in the casino or someone has a familiar psychic. Write in the comments about this, please.

Good luck to everyone!

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