Best Roulette Tournaments 2024 (May)

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Casino Roulette Tournaments

Every gambler knows roulette. It is rightfully called the "Queen of casinos." Even if you prefer slot machines, poker, blackjack, or baccarat, you have once made a couple of bets on red/black or tried to guess when zero falls.

With the development of online casinos, roulette has not lost its popularity, although we must admit that it is not as prevalent in online casinos as in slots. Software developers release new virtual roulettes, and gambling operators attract customers by arranging all kinds of roulette promotions.

This section of Casinoz is dedicated to roulette tournaments carried out by numerous online casinos. The most exciting events gather many participants due to significant prize funds at stake.

Below, you will see internet casinos featuring exciting tournaments on roulette and other gambling games. Visit the official websites for the schedules and rules.

Casino Accepted currencies Minimum deposit Games
USD, EUR, RUB 5 USD 4028
USD, EUR, RUB, UAH 10 USD 4358
USD, EUR, RUB 10 USD 3858

Features of Roulette Tournaments

Casino games are designed so that the customer always plays against the house. The exception is club varieties of baccarat, poker, and other games. However, this particular category of games is worthy of being discussed in notable publications.

Roulette users also play against the casino.

Usually, the winners of tournaments are those players who show the best results.

That means you need to play as successfully as possible.

To do this, you must be able to play roulette and choose the optimal strategy.

Varieties of Roulette Tournaments in 2024

The event planners may set their own rules. After all, no gambling regulator makes any specific requirements for promotions. Often, roulette tournaments are held on unique terms or surprises with unexpected opportunities. For this reason, creating a single classification system is quite tricky.

Casino roulette tournaments types

The following parameters can classify roulette tournaments:

  • Structure – How many stages are there in the event?
  • The entry fee – Is it paid or free?
  • Add-ons – Is it possible to purchase extra credits?
  • Duration – How long does the contest last?
  • The scale – Is it held in one or several casinos?
  • Prizes – What is the total amount of the prize pool?
  • Game units – Are money, bonuses, valuable rewards, comp points, or other awards in the pool?
  • Types of bets – What bets are allowed in the tournament?
  • Picking the winners – Are winners determined by the maximum payout, the most significant total win, the only one remaining in the tournament, or some other way?
  • Distribution of the prize fund – How are the payouts shared among winners?
  • Games – What types of roulette are involved in the tournament?
  • Access – Is the event for everyone or VIP customers?
  • The range of bets – What are the betting limits?

Carefully study the rules of all tournaments in which you will participate. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the representatives of customer service. It's better to look ridiculous than to lose money because of stupid mistakes.

If you like online roulette, here are the list of superb games from the leading software providers.

Name Soft Return to player
98.6% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97.3% Play T&C applies, 18+
97% Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+

Live Roulette Tournaments

Live roulette is available in most online casinos, which offer games with live dealers. Some of them hold live roulette tournaments. They can be carried out under different terms, usually explained on the tournament page of the official website.

Tips for Roulette Tournaments Players in 2024

We can give specific recommendations on winning roulette tournaments for each particular event. However, we are happy to share some standard advice from professional players:

  1. If the promotion is on several types of roulette, choose games and bets with the maximum RTP.
  2. Do not rush forward from the start. Many hotheads go out of the race first.
  3. Carefully distribute the bankroll and set the bet.
  4. Keep an eye on the results of your opponents. Usually, you can see their achievements on an interactive table.
  5. Change the strategy during the event according to the situation. Towards the end, you can go all in or play to hold the current position.
  6. Using the martingale system and other popular betting algorithms in tournaments makes no sense. They pre-determined the strategy, and it must be flexible.
  7. Remember that there is no fee for free tournaments, but you usually play with your own money. So be careful.

Could you read the articles on our website for more tips on roulette tournaments?

tournaments on roulette in online casinos

Reviews of Roulette Tournaments on Casinoz

We offer the following content for the reviews of roulette tournaments held by famous casinos:

  • Introduction – general information about the event;
  • Schedule – times and dates;
  • Games – included games;
  • How to sign up – participation requirements;
  • Rules – details of the T&C;
  • Prize fund – size and units;
  • Payouts – the way of the distribution of the prize fund between the winners;
  • Other tournaments – other tournaments held by the casino;
  • Conclusion – conclusions and recommendations;
  • Pros and cons – the main advantages and disadvantages.

We advise you to read the reviews of real players. They help to make a clear impression of the tournament in 2024. You can also share your opinion and rate it.


If you like roulette, tournaments will allow you to diversify your hobby. Moreover, they enable fighting for part of the prize fund, which may be significant.

The best roulette tournaments in online casinos are discussed in our reviews. Don't miss an exciting event.

Frequently asked Questions

🏆 Do online casinos offer roulette tournaments in 2024?

Most gambling websites offer slot tournaments, but some internet casinos organize such events on roulette. Mostly, they are free, but you must wager your money.

💰 How can I win in a roulette tournament?

As a rule, the winner is the participant who accumulates the most tournament points. The points are provided for payouts received during the contest. 

🍀 What can I win in roulette tournaments?

Winners may get real money, comp points, bonuses, and other prizes.