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The Ritz Casino in London is one of the most expensive, famous and fashionable gambling houses in the United Kingdom. Looking at its sophisticated interior and reputable visitors, it's hard to believe that such a splendid gambling facility has become a victim of cheaters. However we must admit that the scam, which is discussed below, is sophisticated as well.

Initially, three gamblers who had hit the jackpot were suspected of roulette fraud. According to the administration, they used microcomputers to determine winning numbers. The investigation was conducted by the best detectives of the legendary Scotland Yard, who found this affair incredibly complex and confusing.

As the famous professor Mark Griffiths, who specializes in gambling, reported:

Mathematical systems have been used for many years when playing roulette. When the advanced technology is involved, the chances of success increase.

Let's find out what happened.

Characters of the Scam

Two males from Serbia and one female from Hungary are the protagonists of this fraud. When these events took place in 2004, they were from thirty-two to thirty-eight years old.

In March, they visited the Ritz Casino, playing roulette. The first visit brought them one hundred thousand pounds, and the second attempt was even more successful. They managed to win 1,200,000 pounds. It is said that they received only three hundred thousand in cash, and the remaining amount was promised to be paid out later on receipt.

Becoming suspicious, the administration of the Ritz Casino called the detectives of Scotland Yard. The police arrested the trio in the hotel room, where they also seized a large sum of money and mobile phones. However in a few days the suspects were released on bail.

The investigation threw light on the details.

Details of the Scam 

So, the fraudsters (at least according to the casino) acted in the following way:

  • Laser scanners were embedded in their mobile phones. They were used to register the speed of roulette wheel rotation.
  • Moreover, the laser fixed the spinning ball movement speed. It was registered when the ball made two tours.
  • The obtained data were transmitted to the computer. It calculated the trajectory of the ball and compared it to other parameters.
  • The exact number was almost impossible to calculate, but it was possible to determine the sector in which the ball would fall. This information was sufficient to get a significant advantage over the casino.
  • The data were transmitted to those members of the gang who made the appropriate bets covering numbers of the suitable sector of the roulette wheel with chips.

All the necessary calculations were made by the computer within several seconds, allowing scammers to act quickly and in a well-orchestrated manner.

Points of View

It is interesting to note that the opinions of gambling experts on this issue differ significantly. First of all, let's find out the opinion of Thomas Bass:

I support anyone who uses his or her mind, intelligence, and the wonders of physics to increase the probability of winning and make money flow into his pockets.

Tom Kavanagh, secretary of the Gaming Board for Great Britain, was skeptical:

Over the years we have heard a lot about clever devices. However I cannot admit that I have come across cases of their successful use.

You can share your opinion in the comments.


Do you think the "trio of Ritz" went to jail? No way! It turned out that their case is regulated by the section 17 of the famous Gambling Act 1845, which deals with such cases. According to this document, it is impossible to accuse a customer of fraud for using a computer or phone.

The participants of this affair interfered with neither dealer's work nor normal functioning of the wheel and other equipment. Therefore, their actions could not be considered to be a crime. Moreover, there was no reason to even seize their money.

What can we tell you about the future destiny of the unexpectedly famous gamblers? They did not communicate with the media, so it's hard to say what happened to them. It is known that they managed to keep their money and avoid a jail term. They haven't visited the Ritz Casino anymore, but there are a lot of other gambling facilities in the world where they can try to use their skills and devices.

If Casinoz.club finds any information about the legendary trio, we will surely update this article. 

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