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I want to warn readers of Casinoz that the article is subjective and therefore written from the first-person perspective. Having tested several thousand video slots at different casinos in recent years, I have allocated several functional features and design solutions for which I want to give developers a slap on the wrist.

Old Slot Machines

So, when slots annoy me?

When It Is Impossible To Play On A Smartphone

Mobile casinos are a fast-growing field of the modern gambling. We offer our readers forecast for 2018 from the leading experts.

  • The number of users who play on their smartphones will reach 165 million people.
  • The total amount of bets made using mobile devices will exceed 100 billion dollars.

What do developers and gambling operators which don't want to adapt their video slots for smartphones think?

Columbus Novomatic Slot

When All Provisions of Rules Are not Explained

You run a video slot, open a payout table, and notice one or two pages with coefficients and a couple of common phrases. I understand that the rules are intuitively understandable and they can be mastered when testing the game, or the gameplay is automated. However I want to know what to expect from the video slot.

Developers should explain how payouts are calculated, what is provided by special symbols, how free spins are organized. In addition, data on the theoretical payout percentage should be mentioned. Otherwise, it seems that the manufacturers want to deceive me.

Developers should keep in mind that:

The detailed description of rules and technical characteristics increase the level of credibility to the game.

Do You Need This?

When It Is Difficult to Change a Bet Size

I know that betting systems do not help users to beat slot machines. However it is easy to get bored always making a bet of the same size. It is much more interesting to try to catch the Lady Luck, so that I constantly change the bet size.

Slots from the bulk of developers allow users to do this on the main control panel. However some manufacturers make the process complicated. For example, you can select the number of active lines, the bet size in coins, and the cost of chips only in the menu.

Apparently, by removing numerous buttons from the panel, they try to simplify the interface. However many users don't approve this intention.

When There Is no Autoplay

Autoplay mode in video slots is a feature that is beneficial for gambling operators. Getting tired of clicking on the button, customers don't make breaks and keep participating in the gameplay. The longer he or she plays, the more money will be lost.

I understand this, but I still need autoplay. It simplifies my life in many aspects. Taking into account that it is beneficial for casinos, I do not understand why it is unavailable in some devices.

However it is worth noting that slots without autoplay are less and less common.

When Rules Share a Page with a Scroll Bar

It is permissible to publish rules and characteristics of the model in the reference section on a page, which can be open in an additional tab. If a payout table, a description of bonuses and other data on the video slot are provided in one window, I want to immediately quit the game.

Unfortunately, even Microgaming stooped so low as to do this in some novelties. The company went even further. It publishes the rules in a small pop-up window that appears on the main screen above.

Halloween Slot

Well, it is really inconvenient. What is bad in the option with separate sections on several pages?

When There Are no User Settings

In the video slot you can just turn off the sound and... that's all. Are you serious? You cannot choose the speed of the gameplay, adjust the sound parameters, or select the window size. Is it really so difficult to implement such features?

Give at least the opportunity to turn off the background music, leaving the sounds of the game. Let users set the limits in autoplay mode. Allow them to stop the reels in advance and speed up the withdrawal of money. These options make the gameplay much more convenient.

Do you want me to play your video slot as long as possible?

When It Takes a Long Time to Load the Game and It Lags

Now many software developers are focusing on the visual appeal of slot machines. We will not enumerate brands. You know whose slots have the most spectacular 3D graphics and stunning animations.

Giovanni�s Gems

This is worthy of respect, but the excellent graphics pleases until the game starts lagging. If you have an old PC or a slow Internet connection, the video slot can lag even with the minimal graphics quality settings.

Do you rely on advanced gamers with powerful machines? I believe that the number of online gambling fans of that kind is very limited. Try to make your colorful games available for all users.

When Developers Steal Topics of Slots

In November, manufacturers usually release slot machines dedicated to Halloween. In December, they please us with beautiful Christmas video slots. In the spring some slots about Easter periodically appear on the market. This seems logical and awakes interest.

However if within a short period of time different studios offer games about the Monkey King, it's a little bit annoying. You have not recalled about the novel Journey to the West for ten years, and then decided to make us familiar with the world of the classical Chinese literature.

Journey to the West

What guides developers when they choose new topics for slots? This is mystery. Casinoz is going to arrange some interviews with representatives of different companies to clarify this issue in the future.

When There Are no Data on the Theoretical Payout Percentage

It seems to me that gambling regulators and independent auditors should force all software developers to mention the RTP of the video slot directly in the paytable or in the reference section.

The theoretical payout percentage is the main characteristic of the gambling machine. It must be taken into account first of all when choosing a model.

If data on the theoretical payout percentage are not available, I start thinking that the manufacturer wants to hide it. What for? Maybe it's too low.

Some companies do not indicate RTP in the reference section attached to gambling machines, but publish this information on the official website. What is interesting, the payout percentage is quite competitive or even one of the highest in the gambling industry. What makes them do this?

When One Hundred Remakes of the Popular Slot Are Released

I understand the desire of manufacturers to earn as much as possible on a popular slot. However the next version of either Book of Ra or Lucky Lady's Charm makes me skeptical.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot

Classic slots are great. They have a lot of fans. However enough is as good as a feast.

When You Cannot Turn off the Startup Screen

Many slot machines (especially dedicated to a specific topic) begin with an animated video that introduces protagonists of the slot to users and demonstrates the features of the gameplay. Such videos are really spectacular and useful, but it's interesting to watch them once or twice.

Please allow users to term them off. Don't make us wait until this annoying video ends.

It is pleasant to notice that most manufacturers give the opportunity to deactivate such animations.

When It Is not Allowed to Inactivate a Round that Provides Doubling Your Payout

I do not like to play trying to double payouts. Maybe I'm wrong, but this option seems boring to me. Therefore, it makes me very angry when I am forced to cancel the risk game after each victory and manually transfer money to the account.

Allow me to get rid of this awful archaism that has survived since the appearance of the first online slots.

When It Is Impossible to Speed up the Gameplay

The slower you play a video slot, the less money the casino obtains. It's clear. Nevertheless, the slow gameplay annoys.

In some models, the reels rotate very slowly, and there is no opportunity to select the speed. Moreover, in some devices users cannot turn off the animation, which is activated after each victory. It remains to watch patiently how joyful characters gallop across the screen, informing you of a tiny payout that does not exceed the bet.

Lion Dance Slot

Please serve nerves and time of gamblers. Allow them to regulate the speed of the gameplay.

When a Game Is Poorly Translated

The lack of translation into the native language of a potential client is a serious disadvantage. However it can be even worse if the interface and rules are available in poor-quality translation. Strange interpretation of well-known terms, stylistic flaws in the description, and grammatical errors in the reference section annoy even more.

If you don't have a professional translator, offer only a version in English without translation.

Let's Discuss?

What do you think of the abovementioned opinions? Do you agree? I don't believe that you disagree. Feel free to discuss this topic.

Please write in the comments what annoy you in the slot machines. We will try to share your opinion with software developers. We hope that they will take into account complaints of customers and eliminate the disadvantages of their video slots.

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