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Under the depths of the world's oceans hides more than seventy percent of the Earth's surface. Scientists have been studying it for centuries, but it still holds many secrets, and some of its corners remain inaccessible even with modern technology.

It's no wonder that the seas have been enveloped in numerous legends since ancient times. The imagination of people filled them with all kinds of monsters. The Kraken is one of the most mysterious creatures supposedly living in the ocean's depths.

What Is the Kraken?

The Kraken is described as a giant cephalopod mollusk resembling an octopus or squid. It has gigantic eyes with blood-red pupils, reaching several meters in diameter. The monster's head is crowned with long appendages resembling tree roots.

The Kraken's main weapon is its powerful tentacles, which capture its prey. They are so strong that it can easily overturn and drag even large sea vessels to the bottom.

It should be noted that renowned naturalists have never seen the Kraken. In their works, they merely transmitted the stories of sailors. Thus, we can only judge this legendary creature based on unreliable sources, including:

  • Historia de Gentibus Septenrionalibus by Olaus Magnus, 1555.
  • The Natural History of Norway by Erik Pontoppidan, Bishop of Bergen, 1752.
  • Testimonies from Captain Robert Jameson, who supposedly saw the Kraken in 1774, were published in the St. James Chronicles. He gave these testimonies under oath.
  • In St. Petersburg Gazette in September 1786, memories of a ship's cook from the vessel "Margareta" were mentioned, claiming to have seen a huge sea creature resembling the Kraken.

Later, scientists repeatedly attempted to explain the origin of myths about the Kraken. Most researchers believed that sailors mistook giant squids or octopuses for the monster.

Where to Play Kraken-Themed Online Slots

The slot machines about the legendary creature can be played for real money at the famous casinos listed in the table below. Read the reviews if you want to try them out for free. Demos are provided with the articles.

Video Slots about the Kraken

The first video slots about the mysterious sea monster of colossal size appeared in online casinos several years ago, but the theme did not gain widespread popularity back then. However, in the early 2020s, several software developers released slot machines about the Kraken, which prompted Casinoz to write a review article.

The article briefly examines thematic slots, listed chronologically according to their release dates. Detailed reviews of the games can be accessed through the provided links in the article.

Eye of the Kraken

Play'n GO released the Eye of the Kraken video slot in 2015, becoming one of the first providers to focus on the Kraken. It is an unusual gaming machine that surprises players with its interface features and gameplay capabilities.

Eye of the Kraken slot

At first, it may seem like a three-reel model, as the icons are arranged on the screen in a 3x3 grid. In reality, each of the nine positions represents an individual reel. Active lines extend horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Eye of the Kraken is designed in a steampunk style, but its main advantage lies not in its design. It is primarily interesting for its wide selection of prize features, unique bonuses, and unexpected possibilities of special symbols. All of these are discussed in the "Eye of the Kraken" review by Play'n GO on Casinoz.

Release the Kraken

"Release the Kraken!" shouted the supreme Greek god in a popular science fiction film, and the studio Pragmatic Play used this well-known phrase in the title of its video slot.

Release the Kraken

The renowned developer created a vibrant slot machine with colorful graphics, an impressive background, and captivating sound accompaniment. Players can enjoy several special symbols, a thematic bonus round, and generous free spins.

Also, pay attention to the Wilds' capabilities, which the Kraken occasionally activates.

Beat the Beast: Kraken's Lair

Thunderkick announced a series of video slots called Beat the Beast, dedicated to legendary monsters from popular myths. The first game in this series is Kraken's Lair.

Beat the Beast: Kraken’s Lair

In Kraken's Lair, one symbol combines the functions of a wild and a scatter. It replaces other icons, triggers free spins, and participates in the bonus round.

The image of the Kraken can expand to neighboring cells when it is part of a winning combination. Free spins are played with the casino's money, and the main character appears on the screen in each spin.

Ocean's Treasure

The studio NetEnt also released a slot about the Kraken but named the game Ocean's Treasure. It features different types of icons, fifteen pay lines, and additional features.

Ocean’s Treasure

The most attractive feature of the Ocean's Treasure slot machine is the free spins round with multiple levels. Each new stage increases the multipliers, which are considered when calculating payouts for all combinations.

As always with NetEnt, the slot is convenient and colorful. It is easy to use both on computers and smartphones.

More Themed Slots on the Kraken

Other gambling games about the Kraken are also known, but some seem outdated or not particularly interesting to us. If we forgot about any exciting and high-quality model, please write about it in the comments.

  • How do you feel about slot machines about the Kraken?
  • Are you familiar with this character from medieval legends at all?
  • Do you think software developers for online casinos should explore this theme in slots?
  • Which of the aforementioned games did you like the most?

Share your opinions on the topic. Read reviews of slot machines and test them for free at Casinoz.

Frequently asked Questions

🐙 Who is the Kraken?

The Kraken is a legendary creature from Scandinavian myths. It is described as a giant cephalopod mollusk endowed with incredible strength. Supposedly, it can even drag a ship to the bottom.

🎰 Are there slot machines about the Kraken in casinos?

It is not a very popular theme, but several software developers have released slots about the Kraken.

👌 Can I play Kraken-themed slots for free?

Most online casinos allow you to test games for free. Demo versions for "play for fun" mode are available on Casinoz.

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