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Deuces Wild is one of the most common and popular versions of the popular game, which is firmly occupying both offline and online casinos. If a gambling establishment offers video poker to customers, you will find Deuces Wild in its range without any doubt. This game draws attention of players by wild cards, which contribute to the formation of a large number of paid combinations.

General Description

A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used in Deuces Wild. The role of wild cards is performed by all four deuces. They can replace other cards and are capable of forming additional poker combinations (for example, four deuces), which are paid according to unique multipliers.

The goal of the game is to collect a combination provided by the rules. To do this, users may exchange any number of cards once for free.

The following hands may bring payouts in Deuces Wild:

  • Three of a kind is three cards of one rank (it is usually the minimum combination)
  • Straight is five cards of different suits in a row
  • Flush is five cards of the same suits
  • Full House is three cards of one rank and two of the other rank
  • Four of a kind is four cards of one rank
  • Straight flush is five cards of one suit in a row
  • Four of a kind and a deuce are four cards of one rank with one deuce
  • Wild royal flush is five cards of one rank from a ten to an ace in which one or several cards are replaced by deuces
  • Four deuces is formed by four deuces
  • Natural royal flush is five cards of one suit from a ten to an ace without deuces

Payout odds are provided for each hand. The payouts in coins are usually mentioned in the pay table depending on the bet size.

It is possible to play Deuces Wild betting form one to five coins. Their values are determined by the user. Usually, if the wager is five coins, payouts for the one or two maximum combinations are disproportionately high.


Before the beginning of a deal, the client selects the coin value and indicates the bet size. Then he or she receives five cards. The customer decides which ones are worth holding and exchanges the remaining cards (users can skip this step). Then, if a winning combination of cards is formed, the payout is credited according to the payout odds from the pay table.

It is often possible to play Deuces Wild on a few hands. Bets on them are always the same. The user gets five cards on the starting line. He or she indicates which of them should be held and they are duplicated in all the hands. Then cards are exchanged from separated decks, allowing participants of the game to receive different combinations.

If Deuces Wild has a round on even chances, users may either collect credited money or increase its amount. One upcard and several hole cards appear on the second screen. The user has to face up one card and it should be one of those that are lying face-down. If it would be higher in rank than the dealer's card, the payout is doubled. Otherwise, the client loses money.


First of all, the models of Deuces Wild differ in payouts for various combinations. Just open several kinds of video poker from different brands to see this. Odds can be different for such combinations as flush, full house, natural royal flush, four deuces and others. Of course, these indices directly affect the house edge embedded in the game.

Some software manufacturers offer versions of Deuces Wild with progressive jackpots. The accumulated amount is won by a gamer, who wagers the highest possible number of coins and gets a royal flush without deuces. Sometimes it is enough to collect a royal flush to get the jackpot, i.e. the cards of one suit with from a ten to an ace in a row.

Unique variations of this game have original features of the rules, which will not be discussed here. These models are manufactured by some software developers and are not very popular among users.


Despite the large number of payouts in this game, it does not belong to the most profitable types of video poker, since the house advantage in all versions of Deuces Wild is two or three percent. For comparison, it may be absent in some versions of Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. So, Deuces Wild is a favorite entertainment of amateurs.

Most manufacturers of software for online casinos offer Deuces Wild both for money and for free. Virtually any good establishment that offers gambling games of basic genres has one or several types of it. The portal Casinoz has prepared reviews of different models of Deuces Wild released by the leading brands. Many of them can be tested directly on our website.

P.S. Before playing for money, take the time to become familiar with recommendations of our experts on the basic strategy. They will help you to achieve the best results.

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