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Five Aces Review

The fans of various video pokers should necessarily learn about the production of CTXM company. This famous producer of the software for online casinos releases magnificentt models of this category of gambling games. They are always provided with the colorful and original design, a convenient control panel and unusual functional solutions.

As a proof of all said above, we suggest you to read the review of «Five Aces» video poker. Perhaps, you have already guessed that the combination of five aces is the highest in this game. However it is not the only which it can surprise you with.

9.33 /10
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Where to Play Five Aces ?

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We recommend playing «Five Aces» video poker in Adam Eve Casino, although it is also presented in many other online casinos powered by the software developed by CTXM. Usually they allow testing the games in a training mode. It is also possible to launch «Five Aces» video poker right at Casinoz even without registration, but only by the virtual bets.
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How to Play Five Aces (GamesOS)

The first thing «Five Aces» free online video poker surprises with is the pack of fifty three cards used here. An extra card is not a joker, common for other varieties of video pokers, but the fifth ace, which has no special suit.
It can take part in any combinations of aces (pair, tris, four or a kind or five of a kind), as well as make streets (from ten or from ace). As it has no suit, it can’t be a part of flush, street flush or royal flush.
Playing in «Five Aces», it is necessary to make a combination provided by the rules, as well as in any other video poker. It is also allowed to change up to five cards for free only once.
The bet per deal can vary from one to five coins of value from ten cents to five euro. So, it is possible to stake up to twenty five euro.
The minimal paid combination of «Five Aces» is a pair of jacks. Two pairs are equal to a pair. This video poker is also provided with three types of Four or a Kind (aces, deuces-fours and fives-aces), which are paid by the special indexes.
The highest combination is five aces. If you are playing by five coins, it gives you a payout in amount of six thousand coins, while royal flush gives only four thousands. If you stake from one to four coins, wins by these two combinations are disproportionately lower.
«Five Aces» is not the most profitable video poker ever. The game by optimal strategy lets you get a payback up to 97,05% (according to the official data).
«Five Aces» is played by the classic scenario. The customer selects coin denomination and decides how much to stake.
Then he is dealt with five cards, weights them and lays down inappropriate. The dealer deals new cards instead. In case a combination is formed, the gambler is charged with a payoff.
This amount can be also staked in the gambling feature. The standard pack of fifty two cards is used in this round. The dealer deals five cards and opens one of them.
The customer’s task is to find the higher card among four face-down at the first attempt. If he succeeds, his payoff is doubled up. However any mistake leads to the loss of the bet. If the cards are equal, draw game is announced. It is possible to guess up to five times in the same round.

Five Aces Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Five Aces» video poker.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Five Aces» video poker. The highest payout in the game by five coins of the maximal value is thirty thousands euro.

Five Aces Interface

If you are already familiar with video pokers developed by CTXM, you should know that all models of this producer make difference by its very colorful design. «Five Aces» is not an exception of this rule. The game is designed in style of the front part of the powerful train which a sharper with five aces in his hand is riding by. Symbols in the pack also image such guys.
At the main screen you can see five cards, the payment table, the informational line and the control panel with important buttons and windows. There is no sense in explaining functions of each of the elements, moreover, you can download «Five Aces» video poker with the multi-language interface.

Should You Play Five Aces for Real Money?

«Five Aces» game looks stunning and it is almost its main advantage. The most experienced customers which calculate the casino advantages to the tenth parts of percent would hardly like to play this model by the real money. However most of the common gambles are gonna like it.
The basic strategy of «Five Aces» game would be discussed later. By now, please don't forget to stake five coins always and take unusual payoff indexes by different combinations in account.
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