A kind of this game named Deuces Wild is well-known for all the lovers of video poker. Playing Deuces Wild is interesting first of all for the customers who are interested in jokers and numerous combinations. Almost all large software producers for the online casinos offer their versions of Deuces Wild video poker. Meanwhile, the following review, prepared by the team of Casinoz, is devoted to such model developed by Oryx Gaming. Its advantages are a very convenient interface, which is fully translated to several languages and a possibility to play right in the browser. Please read more about this model below. 

7.75 /10

Play Deuces Wild Poker

Deuces Wild Poker is a free online video poker with traditional rules of Deuces Wild game. There the classic pack of fifty two cards without jokers is used. The pack is necessarily mixed before every deal out. All deuces play the part of jokers replacing the missed cards in the standard poker combinations and helping to make additional combinations.

The aim of the game in Deuces Wild Poker video poker is to receive the payoff for the formed combination, provided by the rules. The player can change the cards free one time.

The combinations from trees to royal flash are charged with payoff in Deuces Wild Poker. Such combinations as Five of a Kind and Wild Royal Flush are also made with deuces. The winning for four deuces is charged by the special payment index. You can check amounts of the payoffs by the combinations in the special table of the game.

Playing Deuces Wild Poker video poker is possible in one, four, ten or twenty five hands. In case the game goes on in one hand, it is allowed to stake from one to five coins of value in range from one cent to one euro. The maximal bet is decreased when the quantity of hands increases. For example, in case of playing by twenty five lines, the bet in amount of up to five coins of value up to five cents is accepted at each of the lines.

We highly recommend you always stake five coins (of any value), because such bet gives a chance to become an owner of the greatly increased payoff by royal flash combination. In this case the payoff is four thousand coins.

During the game the player receives five start cards. He mucks those cards, which he doesn’t need and receives new instead of them. If he plays in several hands, the cards, which are left in game, are duplicated by all lines, while the new are dealt from the special columns. Then the payoffs by the formed combinations are made.

The gambling feature is available in Deuces Wild Poker video poker. It is allowed to stake the whole payoff for a round or its half. In this game you have to try to find the card which is higher than the dealer’s card from the first attempt. The lucky choice doubles the payoff. However, if you are not lucky, you lose the whole bet. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Deuces Wild Poker video poker.

Deuces Wild Poker Bonus games

The bonus games, prize payoffs or any other additional privileges (except of the functions of deuces, mentioned above) are not provided by the rules of Deuces Wild Poker for the players.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Deuces Wild Poker video poker, developed by Oryx Gaming.

Deuces Wild Poker Interface

We wouldn’t describe the interface of Deuces Wild Poker video poker and describe the functions of various buttons at the control panel here, because the game is provided with a multi-language interface. The rules are described point by point in the informational section.

There are the basic user’s settings in Deuces Wild Poker, an informational line with tips, the payment table, the statistics section and other convenient options.

There is also an automatic holding the cards mode, which would help the beginners, who are orienting badly in strategy of video poker, to play correctly.

It is not necessary to download Deuces Wild Poker video poker, because it can be launched right in the browser.


A convenient interface, classic rules, a multi-language interface, a possibility to play without loading the special software – in general, Deuces Wild model has everything that the lover of Deuces Wild Poker video poker can require. If you are one of the followers of this game, you should definitely test Deuces Wild Poker developed by Oryx Gaming.

Please look for the advices and recommendations by playing video pokers in the proper articles at Casinoz. In particular, there is a publication, devoted to the strategy of Deuces Wild game.

Where to play Deuces Wild Poker for free or real money?

Deuces Wild Poker video poker is available by the real and virtual bets in several online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming. For example, in Sin City Casino it is possible to launch this video poker without registration in a fun mode or play for the real money after you open an account. Moreover, it is possible to test Deuces Wild Poker by the virtual bets right at Casinoz.

It is important to know your opinion about Deuces Wild Poker online game for us. Please write your responses about this video poker in comments.

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