Shock Wave Poker Review

The most kinds of video poker found at modern online casinos have classic interfaces and are not dedicated to any abstract topics. However there are exceptions. We can offer users a model called Shock Wave Poker released by CTXM as an example.

This video poker is decorated in a futuristic style. The background is the space landscape and robots are drawn on the cards. Besides, this game has shock wave mode, which is activated after the formation of a four of a kind. In short, it is a very unusual video poker that is worth paying attention to.

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Where to Play Shock Wave Poker?

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Users can play Shock Wave Poker at AdamEve Casino, as well as in other establishments running on software released by CTXM. This video poker can be tested without registration in free mode directly on the portal Casinoz.

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How to Play Shock Wave Poker (CTXM)

Shock Wave Poker is a free online video poker released by CTXM. A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used in this game. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is to collect a paid hand provided by the paytable. You may exchange any number of cards once for free.
Traditional poker hands are valid in Shock Wave Poker. The lowest-ranking hand is a pair of jacks.
It is allowed to play betting on one hand. Users can wager from one to five coins. The coin value at AdamEve Casino can vary from ten cents to five dollars, so that the highest bet is limited to twenty-five dollars.
Pay attention to the payouts for hands. Pair and two pairs are paid equally. A royal flush for the bet in the amount of five coins provides a disproportionately high prize (4,000 coins). Keep this in mind while choosing the bet size.
The theoretical payout percentage of Shock Wave Poker is 97.35% (according to the official information from the site of AdamEve Casino). The gameplay in Shock Wave Poker includes traditional stages. The player makes a bet in coins of the selected value, receiving five cards afterwards. Users can exchange any number of them. If a combination provided by the paytable is formed, the client receives a payout.
This amount can be increased in a risk game. Five cards will appear. One of them will be an upcard. The player will try to find a card that has a higher rank among hole cards. A successful attempt leads to the increase of your bet by two times. The mistake means that the bet is lost. Users can guess up to five times in a row per round.

Shock Wave Poker Bonus games

Shock wave mode is available in Shock Wave Poker. It is activated after the appearance of a four of a kind. This mode lasts for ten hands. This hand is paid according to bonus multipliers. It can be terminated earlier if a four of a kind is formed again despite the number of played rounds.


Shock Wave Poker does not offer progressive jackpots.

Shock Wave Poker Interface

Gamers can download Shock Wave Poker in different languages, so there is no need to explain functions of interface elements. The game has a very beautiful design. Settings are virtually absent (full-screen window and sound effects).

Should You Play Shock Wave Poker for Real Money?

The shock wave feature can hardly be very useful, because a four of a kind in video poker is rarely formed without wild cards. The payout percentage in Shock Wave Poker is not very high. However if you like the original games, you need to test it at least in training mode. So, it is up to you to decide whether to make real bets or not.

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