Joker, which can replace other cards in combinations, is met in many varieties of video pokers. Usually such models are popular among the customers of online casinos (especially for the beginners), although not all of them can be called beneficial for them.

Playing «Joker Wild» video poker, which also has one joker in the pack, you can decrease casino advantage up to one and a half percent. If you are satisfied with such index, you can learn the following review of this video poker.


General description

«Joker Wild» is a free online video poker produced by CTXM company.
It is played with fifty three cards (the standard deck and one joker which can replace other cards in combinations). The cards are shuffled prior to every deal.
It is possible to stake from one to five coins per deal. Coin denomination can vary from ten cents to five euro, while the total bet can reach fifty euro.
To get a payoff, the gambler has to make a combination provided by the rules. In «Joker Wild» they are the standard poker combinations from pair of kings to royal flush. Five of a Kind and Royal Flush with one Joker are paid by the special indexes here.
The maximal payoff in amount of five thousand coins is paid by the clean royal flush made while playing by five coins. If you stake from one to four coins, an amount of the win by this combination is disproportionally lower.
Consequently, number of staked coins has to be maximal always. You should also take in account the same payoffs for the pair and two pairs.
The optimal strategy of «Joker Wild» game lets you decrease casino advantage to 1,4% (the payback index is 98,6% in this case).
After the player sets up the coin value and makes the bet, he is dealt with five cards. He has to choose cards to hold. The rest are exchanged for new free by the dealer. In case a combination is formed after, it is paid according to the provided index.
Then the player can risk with the win in the gambling feature designed in the traditional style. Here he can see five cards at the special screen. One of them is open. The gambler has to find a card which is higher than the open one among the rest four.
If the customer manages to make it, his payoff is doubled up. If he makes a mistake, he loses the bet. Number of rounds is usually limited by the casino rules.

Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Joker Wild» video poker.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Joker Wild» game.


The gamblers all over the world would be happy to know that it is possible to download «Joker Wild» video poker with the multi-language interface. That’s why we are not going to explain the functions of different buttons in details.
The payment table is situated right above the cards at the screen, while the control panel is situated under.


Of course, the most pragmatic fans of video pokers would prefer variations of this game with lower casino advantage. However far not all the customers consider the difference in one percent so important. «Joker Wild» has its advantages (the stunning design, high maximal payoff, availability of joker, the multi-language interface and etc.), due to which it is always popular.
We are going to talk about the optimal strategy of playing video poker and «Joker Wild» in particularity in the special article. By now please don't forget to stake five coins of any value always. Moreover, please take the similar payouts for one and two pairs in account when you exchange the cards.

Where to play for free or real money?

Not so many serious online casinos are powered by the software developed by CTXM, as Microgaming or Playtech. However there are also reputable gambling houses which are able to interest our readers among them. Most of them provide an opportunity to play «Joker Wild» by real money as well as for fun.
Some online casinos even allow testing this video poker without registration. Actually, the same can be dome right at Casinoz.

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