There are classic versions with the standard rules and unique variations that may impress with their unusual interfaces and nuances of the gameplay among various kinds of video poker games released by Microgaming. The second category includes the video poker with two jokers and several levels, which is called Double Joker Level-Up Poker.


Play Double Joker Level-Up Poker

Double Joker Level-Up Poker is a variation of online video poker with a joker, a Free Ride Card and several levels of multipliers. The aim of the game remains unchanged: you have to collect a poker hand, receiving it directly after the deal or after exchanging any number of cards, which can be done only once.
The standard hands (the lowest one is two pairs) include: a five of a kind (a four of a kind with a wild card) and joker royal flush (a royal flush with joker). There is also a compensation for a non-collected royal flush (if it is not collected due to the fact that you have held the wrong cards).
The main difference between Double Joker Level-Up Poker and the other types of video poker with wild cards is the availability of four levels with various multipliers: x1, x2, x4, and x8. To reach the next level, you have to collect a paid combination and/or draw a Free Ride Card.
The Free Ride Card is dealt as the sixth card to any hand. It means that you will certainly reach the higher level, even if you lose at the current level. You will receive cards from a new deck, and the winnings for your combinations will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier.
The bet size is determined by the coin value and the number of coins (from one to five). The range of coin values is regulated by the rules of each casino individually. It varies from ten cents to two dollars at Spin Palace Casino. The sum for four hands is removed from the account.br />

Double Joker Level-Up Poker Bonus games

The payouts that are made at the second level and higher are considered to be bonuses.


There are no progressive jackpots in Double Joker Level-Up Poker.

Double Joker Level-Up Poker Interface

The interface of Double Joker Level-Up Poker consists of three main windows: the control panel, paytable and level with cards. You can download versions of Double Joker Level-Up Poker with the interfaces in different languages, so you will not have problems while playing if English is not your native language. It has various settings, advices, statistics and other options.


Double Joker Level-Up Poker is an unusual video poker. It is quiet difficult to modify the basic strategy to play it, since it has both joker and one Free Ride Card. In addition, it has non-standard combinations, as well as the compensation for a royal flush, which could be collected theoretically. In short, this is a game for fans of video poker, who like non-trivial rules.

Where to play Double Joker Level-Up Poker for free or real money?

Double Joker Level-Up Poker is offered at many online casinos that have games from Microgaming. The logos of some of these establishments with the links to reviews can be found below. Users can test this video poker without registration directly on the website Casinoz.
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