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Most of the true fans of gambling believe in one or another myth about casino games. Misconceptions about gaming machines, roulette, blackjack and models of other categories are widespread.

Fans of inventing tall tales also paid attention to video poker. The most common erroneous assumptions associated with this game will be discussed below.

First things first

For the purposes of this article, we will not discuss the general rules of video poker. There are two reasons:

    First, they are described in detail in other thematic publications. Secondly, this material is designed for experienced users who are fond of this game.

Recall that all offline and online video poker games use a random number generator. How such devices work is described in a separate article on Casinoz.

In video poker, RNG works as follows:

It continuously shuffles the virtual deck of cards, even if the player is idle. The process never stops.

As soon as the client presses the Deal button, the generator displays five cards on the screen, which are currently the top in the deck.

It then continues to shuffle the remaining cards (forty-seven if there are no jokers in the deck).

When a player asks to replace the cards, the RNG deals the required number of cards, again taking them from the top of the deck.

This approach makes it possible to provide unpredictable results of drawings. In fact, the generator simulates the work of casino croupier.

Interference in the work of the RNG is a violation of gambling legislation.

If the gambling regulator finds out that an operator or a software manufacturer is engaged in something similar, it will revoke its license. There have already been such cases in the history of online gambling.

And now let's move on to the main topic of the article.

Erroneous assumptions about video poker

Note that many myths about video poker are almost identical to the misconceptions about video slots. This is not surprising, because both games run on random number generators and even have a similar design. But next, we will consider popular legends in relation to video poker.

"Hot" and "cold" devices

Any player found himself in a situation where a certain machine almost does not pay or, conversely, gives a combination in almost every hand for a long time. This gives rise to myths about "hot" and "cold" video poker.

In fact, such a situation can be detected only at the end of the game session. It is impossible to predict how the device will behave further. There are more than two and a half million hands. The random number generator picks one at random in each hand. It is not necessary to speak about any sequence of its actions.

Accordingly, it makes no sense to stick such labels on video poker machines. If you pressed the start button a fraction of a second earlier or later in each hand, the results would be completely different.

Many also believe that video poker, which recently hit the jackpot, will be "cold" for a long time. Or Vice versa, that the machine, which has not paid for a long time, will soon become "hot". Indeed, any model pays within its theoretical return, but RTP manifests itself over a very long time span.

"Charged" video poker

Of course, if you are catastrophically unlucky, you can suspect the administration of the casino or the software developer of any fraud. You can even believe the most fantastic conspiracy theories.

But in this case the question arises:

Why would you trust money to a casino whose fairness you doubt?

The largest video poker manufacturers do not allow gambling operators to interfere in the work of the RNG. So the owners of the casino can not wind the machines. If you don't believe it, you'd better find some other entertainment. Save your nerves.

Influence of club cards on the gameplay

Many real casinos issue club cards to their customers, which provide access to various additional services of the institution: free menu, statistics, the right to participate in draws, discounts and so on.

However, not all players want to use them. The most suspicious claim that such cards make video poker pay less. Allegedly the casino compensates the costs this way.

This claim is unfounded. Club cards are not linked to a random number generator, paytable or other systems.

At an online casino, the rules and conditions of playing video poker are also equal for everyone. For high rollers, they may be compensated according to the same principles as microclimit players.

Faith in feeling

You must understand:

Video poker is not a gambling game where you should rely on intuition. In each situation, you need to make a decision that leaves the maximum chance of winning.

Mathematicians have long calculated all the theoretically possible variants and made it clear how to act in each of them.

Yes, intuitions sometimes work. But wrong decisions from the point of view of the optimal strategy often lead to victory. But such tactics will not lead to success in the long run.

Pre-selected cards for exchange

Some players believe that the cards that you can get as a result of the exchange are allocated in advance. Supposedly they are known before you decide to change one or more sheets. That's not so.

Once again we recall the important principle of the random number generator:

RNG constantly shuffles virtual cards, without stopping to do so after the player receives the starting hand.

When you already see your five cards, the other forty-seven are continuously shuffled. Only when you specify how many ones you want to swap, the generator selects them randomly.

Programmed streaks

According to one of the most common misconceptions about video poker, the machines originally have a built-in series of winning and losing streaks. Allegedly, during some periods of time, they pay more often, and during others, they give out combinations less often.

This statement is contrary to the principles of the RNG. Recall that the cards in each hand are selected by unpredictable algorithms. At least, this is what all developers of gambling software insist on. If you don't believe them, what's the point of risking money on their machines?

Of course, losing streaks and waves of successful draws do happen. They happened to any casino customer, regardless of his preferable game. But do not think that they are programmed.

Changing devices in the search of luck

Probably, most players, when fortune turns its back on them, move from one video poker to another, hoping to find a "happy" model for them.

Let's make a remark: there is nothing wrong with this. If this approach gives you confidence and allows you to feel more comfortable, you can safely look for a "lucky" machine. But you must understand that this does not increase the chances of success.

Different strategies for the same video poker with one and several lines

The number of hands you can play at the same time only affects the overall gameplay speed. This parameter has no effect on the mathematics of the game.

Accordingly, it does not matter how many lines you bet: one, three, five or even a hundred. You should stick to the optimal strategy selected for this variety.

Anyone can make a living playing video poker

We do not argue, some people really play professionally, and video poker becomes their main source of income. But they are very few. Most casino customers are not suited to this craft.

There are several reasons for this:

    In online gambling, it is hard to find models with RTP above one hundred percent, and offline casinos are not available to everyone for a number of reasons. In the most profitable varieties, the advantage over the institution is very small. Online casino operators impose various restrictions on promotions and bonuses for video poker fans. It takes an impressive bankroll to wait out the losing streaks.

But many simply do not understand the main thing:

Professional casino gaming is an exhausting process that takes a lot of time, causes a lot of negative emotions, has a negative impact on health and tiring physically.

Many players say that they fell out of love with video poker as soon as they turned it into a job.

In short, most users can recommend video poker as a wonderful gambling entertainment, not a profession.


First of all, video poker is good choice because it allows you to take advantage of the casino from the mathematical superiority point of view. The best models allow you to play with the institution on an equal footing or even tip the scales in your favor.

But the results will be really tangible if you avoid stupid mistakes and make an effort. You have to learn the basics, learn how to identify the best varieties, master the game strategy, as well as understand how to benefit from bonuses, loyalty programs, and other casino promotions.

Finally, a few practical tips:

    Put all the myths, legends and prejudices associated with video poker out of your mind. Act in stages, moving to the goal in small steps. Do not rush to play video poker for money until you reach a high level. Trust only proven and reliable institutions. Do not believe the generous promises of dubious operators. Also, remember that overly lucky customers are suspicious. That is why many professionals play in several casinos at the same time. Learn how to manage finances. Beware of development of addiction. Pay attention to the slightest signs of dependence on the game. Don't forget to read the articles about video poker at Casinoz.

We invite you to share your experience and ask questions in the comments to the article.

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