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The gambling world is full of delusions. This is especially true about all possible systems and strategies, numerous signs, and fruitless attempts to solve fortune's mysteries. Myths creators haven't left online slots aside.

If you have ever been to slots halls, surely you have seen visitors frantically running from one slot to another, changing bets and the number of lines, following the progress of other players, and struggling to deduct which slot, in their opinion, should win.

Let's look at some of the most well-known prejudices and myths about slot machines and try to dispel them, explaining how they really work.

Slot operators change the RTP all the time

Many casino customers are sure, the owner of slot halls regularly change the return to player, depending on who's playing.

We can't deny it – changing slots' RTP is possible.

However, you should understand, this procedure is not that simple. Usually, it requires changing the slot's chip. Return to player is defined and driven into the slot by the manufacturing company.

To adjust the payments, the operator has to contact the manufacturer and legally coordinate this process. To protect yourself from this type of fraud on the part of the management, avoid dubious casinos.

No serious casino (or slot hall) will commit such fraud.

You may think that adjusting the RTO is much easier at an online casino. But in reality, it is not. Casino owners are not always the manufacturers. It means that the return to player is set by the manufacturer responsible for the product's quality and honest work. Therefore, online casinos can't initiate such changes.

Although it is indeed possible to correct the RTP, honest casinos won't use such an opportunity. Decent providers always keep information about the return to player in the public access.

Slot wins meet the RTP

Is it fair to say the amount paid to each player on a single machine always corresponds to the defined RTP?

Some people believe that if a player has bet 100$ on a slot which RTP is 97%, he is guaranteed to get 97$ back.

In fact, this statement is true only in the case of a very long game performed by a single player. We are talking about hundreds of thousands or even more runs. You can make less for a really long time and then win the maximum payout, which will compensate for the loss. However, you may also hit the jackpot after a few spins.

In general, you are unlikely to achieve a result close to the RTP during a few hours spent at the slot. However, it is possible.

Next player continues your session

Another interesting misconception is related to other customers. Some people believe the user taking over your slot gets the winnings that would belong to you if you continued to play.

To start with, each slot features a chip, also known as a random number generator.

Even if no one is playing at the moment, the generator does not stop but continues to generate numbers.

It happens very quickly, literally at the moment, you press the keys. Therefore, the probability the next player will hit it just as well as you did, is too small.

In other words, if you're away from the slot, and it landed a jackpot, do not worry: this is not your jackpot.

If you kept playing, most likely, it wouldn't have happened.

Casinos pay jackpots only to regular customers

Do you also think huge progressive jackpots are only available to regular players or those picked by the casino management?

Let's start with the fact most countries prohibit such activities in all kinds of gambling and lotteries. You can not interfere in the process of determining the winning numbers or symbols if the organizers state their random generation. Doing this, the casino endangers not only their reputation. It may be subject to a heavy fine or even terminating the activities.

Do you think it makes sense to encourage customers in this way while the casinos could do it in many other ways:

  • discount cards,
  • various bonuses
  • giveaways, etc.

We can't deny that such a practice is possible, but you may face it only in places of dubious reputation, which in general should be avoided.

Besides, we know many cases when jackpots were won by players who have just recently started playing slots. Fortune smiled on them even in their first visit to a land-based or online casino.

Cold slots are about to pay

Perhaps, most casino players think a slot that hasn't paid for a long time should win soon.

First, it is unclear what is meant by "long" and "soon”.

Of course, no slot machine will pay constantly.

But it is impossible to determine when it is going to. Each spin on a particular slot has the same chances for a payout as previous and future ones. Of course, in the end, the slot should match the RTP, but it may take hundreds of thousands of spins.

All casino staff and regular visitors know cases when particular slots make almost no payments for a long time or pay with enviable regularity.

If we talk about a jackpot, chances to win are the same in any spin and are not affected by previous runs. This is the basic principle of the random number generator, which deserves its name.

The higher the bet, the better the chances

It is generally considered, chances to win on slot get higher when you increase the bet.

In case, making a higher bet, you only increase the amount that can be won. However, it in no way affects the random number generator, which has no information about the bets.

Bets are processed by another chip, operating separately from the RNG.

That means the amount you stake does not affect the operation of the slot.

Nevertheless, you can't deny the reasonability of such tactics in particular cases. Some slot machines will pay disproportionally more by the most valuable combinations when playing at high bets. Thus, for example, when you bet 5 coins instead of 1, you get a chance to win an amount that is no longer 5x but much more.

Make sure you carefully study the rules to define the most profitable bets for these slots.

What about winning key combinations?

Do you think you can affect the results with the help of particular key systems?

This is an old myth, born in the era of the very first slots.

Many players are still sure they can make the slot pay by pressing particular keys in a special order. Allegedly, such cheat-codes exist for different slots.

Perhaps, such techniques could help to win on primitive slot machines produced by questionable manufacturers. But don't you hope to cheat modern video slots from the leading developers.

However, some slots may lag time after time. Greedy casino visitors won't wait to use the moment. The media knows several such cases in the last few years. Unfortunately, none of those "lucky" ones has got paid. Moreover, some of them were accused of fraud and even sewed.

According to most casinos' T&C, any faults in slots' operation will result in the cancellation of the results. Attempts to take advantage of the errors are frauds that can be prosecuted.


As you can see, many misconceptions about slot machines are just delusions or misinterpretation of facts. Do not believe everything you hear, even from experienced players.

Nevertheless, Casinoz experts recommend using extreme caution choosing a casino and software.

  • Don't trust questionable casinos that do not hold the licenses of famous regulators!
  • Don't play fake slots!
  • Don't act against the low while playing slots!

Choose online casinos and video slots with the help of our reviews at Casinoz. This will help you win as much as possible and avoid cheaters.

Frequently asked Questions

Can casinos adjust the slot's RTP?

Some software providers indeed offer such a service to operators. However, honest online casinos always provide the RTP on the website and will never change it secretly.

Do slot payouts always match the RTP?

A slot will match the stated return to player in an infinitely long period of time. However, the result of a single session may be significantly different.

Shall I pay attention to the volatility of a slot?

Yes, you should. It will help you choose the betting range and general strategy.

Do cold and hot slots exist?

Even though these terms are widely used in gambling, they have no mathematical base.

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