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Poker Pursuit is definitely not one of the most popular online gambling games in the online casinos. Actually, we have published only a review of one model of this kind of poker at Casinoz till the current time. Now we offer you an article about Poker Pursuit video poker, created after “Pursuit” poker, but in style of this category. At first sight, it looks like one of the kinds of standard video poker, however, the differences are obvious as soon as the gameplay is started. Poker Pursuit online game was released by iSoftBet Company. 

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How to Play Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is an online free video poker, where the standard pack of fifty two cards without jokers is used. All the cards are mixed before every deal.

The aim of the game in Poker Pursuit is the same as in any other video poker. You have to collect a poker combination, provided by the rules. It is not allowed to change cards in Poker Pursuit.

First it is necessary to stake a bet in the game. Playing Poker Pursuit video poker is possible only by one coin of value in range of 0.10, 025, 0.50, 1 or 2 euro.

Then the player receives three cards. When he weights its power he decides to leave the bet as it is or stake one more of the same amount. Then he sees the fourth card and he has to decide again if he needs to rise up the bet. When the fifth card comes out, the combination is automatically detected (if it is made) by the hand and the payoff is charged by it.

It is possible to collect the won money at once or try to increase the winning in the gambling feature. There you would have to open one of four hole cards randomly. In case it is higher than the open one, the payment is doubled. However, if it is lower, you lose all the staked money. The round can be repeated several times in case of lucky attempts.

The classic poker combinations from pair of deuces to royal flash are charged with payoff in Poker Pursuit online poker.

The indexes are increased proportional to the bet.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Poker Pursuit video poker.

Poker Pursuit Bonus games

The bonus games as well as prize payoffs are not provided by the rules of Poker Pursuit.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Poker Pursuit video poker.

Poker Pursuit Interface

The interface of Poker Pursuit video poker is available in several European languages, that’s why our tips are not necessary at all.

There is an automatic game mode in Poker Pursuit, as well as various user’s settings (sound, an accelerated deal, activation of some options and etc.), an informational section and an automatic game mode.

It is not necessary to download Poker Pursuit video poker, because this model can be launched right at the website of the online casino.


Believe us, Poker Pursuit is an extremely interesting game, where it is possible to decrease the advantage of the casino a lot. Exactly Poker Pursuit model, developed by iSoftBet, has everything that you can require to enjoy the gameplay. It is available in several European languages, has the basic user’s settings and a pretty design.

The strategy of game in Poker Pursuit is carefully explained in the special article at Casinoz. The general recommendations are suitable for “Pursuit” Poker.

Play Poker Pursuit in Casino for Real Money

NetBet Casino gives an opportunity to play Poker Pursuit video poker by the real money as well as in a fun mode. It is possible to launch the gambling games even without registration in a training mode there. The readers of Casinoz can also test it right at our website.

We are looking forward for your responses about Poker Pursuit online game. You can write it in comments.

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