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Random number generator (we will call it RNG) is a program that underpins the work of all online casinos and gaming machines installed in real gaming halls. Understanding the principles of RNG will unlikely affect the level of your game, but will help to get rid of possible prejudices and allow to understand the most gaming strategies of enterprising businessmen.

If we consider what is the RNG for example in slot machines, it generate numbers corresponding to the symbols on the reels slots. It works incredibly fast, a second set of choosing any random numbers (except negative), and then assembles them into groups, consistent with the symbols on the reels. Consequently, each spin produces a result that is directly related to the number of selected generator. This process occurs continuously, even when the machine is not used.

RNG is like any other computer program . It works according to a set of instructions, otherwise known algorithms. Arcades contain multiple commands, using microprocessor technology. There is a huge number of combinations that may arise in the process, and each full set of combinations is called a cycle.

But this word should not mislead you, because it does not mean that there is a slot machine with winning and losing cycles. None of the combinations is followed by a particular cycle. This choice is completely random, and if you see the opposite statement, know that this is just one of myths about slot machines, which we have already discussed in various publications on Casinoz.

RNG completely randomly selects a number , which means any character or space to form a pattern on the screen. Any character may appear in the same place several times in a row or do not appear for a long time. RNG absolutely do not follow it. It will not generate numbers equal number of times over a period of time, otherwise even it's name would not correspond to reality.

Imagine that you pull out of the bag kegs for bingo and abandoned them back and stirred. Any number may occur several times in a row. On the other hand, some other number may not fall within a few hours. The same thing happens in the process of RNG.

So do not be discouraged if you play on the same machine someone hit the jackpot or just started winning. This does not mean that you will also win.

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