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In previous publications on Casinoz we considered various issues related to the operation of slot machines, trying to dispel the most popular myths and misconceptions. We gave recommendations for the game and described the individual strategies. However we still do not thin that all readers fully understand how modern slots are constructed, how the combination on drums is formed and why you can trust them.

In this article we will explain step by step the basic aspects by the example of statistics of the popular slot machine Red, White & Blue by a reliable manufacturer IGT. This slot is presented in most land-based casinos in the United States. Also we will present the calculations by Michael Shackleford the author of the authoritative site about gambling Wizard of Odds. We hope that this information will fill some gaps in your knowledge about slot machines.

How a gaming machine works

We will start by reminding that the basis of any modern gaming machine (real or virtual) is a random number generator (RNG), which determines the outcome of each spin. No pattern or algorithm is used in it's work.

So, each round is unpredictable and independent of other spins. If you play on the machines from reliable manufacturers and monitored by independent auditors you can be sure that no one knows what combination will win next time.

After a player makes a bet and launches a spin machine randomly (the random number generator so called so for a reason!) It selects a number for each drum, which defines the display of various characters on it. In other words, the result is known only at the moment after the player presses Spin.

Red, White & Blue Slot Machine

We now turn to Red, White & Blue to clarify some details from it's example. The paytable of this slot machine is as follows.

In Red, White & Blue gaming machine, the number of characters in the table and drums on the screen, the generator may give number 64 . Each of them means the display of a particular character on a separate drum. They can be presented in tabular form:

After clicking on Spin, the generator determines the third number and corresponding characters appear on the drums. For example, if you have numbers 1, 2 and 3, you will see a combination of three characters at the second bar. If the generator will give you 5, 10 and 15, the drums form a combination of "Empty", "White 7", " White 7".

As you can see from the table, some of the generated numbers produce the same symbols on the same or even different drums. Also look at the number 45 . It only gives you the opportunity to get the first seven of the red drum, which begins with a combination of the two largest slots in Red, White & Blue.

Same goes for dozens of second drum (white Seven) and twenty-eight for the third (blue Seven) . As you can see, the highest combination (red, white and blue sevens) can be formed only if the generator will give you 45, 10 and 28 in that order.

On some models of slots in some countries there is a plate with consolidated data on the number of so-called "stop- rooms" for all symbols on each reel. You can count them yourself but we did it for you.

These values ??allow us to calculate the probability of a particular combination as well as the rate of return on Red, White & Blue.

The lower right cell shows a return on the Red, White & Blue slot machine. In percentage terms, it is 86.58 %. This means that on the long stretch of the game, it pays $86 in every one hundred bets.

Calculations were made for one coin. If you put two coins, you will get the same results . But at the rate of three coins, the return increases to 87.47% , because a combination of two high figures in this case is paid off disproportionately higher.

In the next articles we will describe other parts of slot machines.

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