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Do you remember the last time you played video poker? Most likely, you have chosen some machine and started to play. In the best case, you had eyes on the paytable. So do most players, thereby making a grave mistake. Amateurs do not find the return to the player and ignore other characteristics.

This applies to unfamiliar variations and the ones you know well because they may also differ. Starting the game, you should check the paytable and ensure its payouts are no lower than those commonly used. For example, Jacks or Better appears in several types featuring different payouts for some poker combinations.

Video Poker Payouts

As a rule, if you play one coin, the bulk of combinations in video poker, Jacks or Better, is paid equally to all casinos. Differences regarding a flush and a full house are possible.

  • Flush - 6:1, full house - 9:1;
  • Flush - 6:1, full house - 8:1;
  • Flush - 5:1, full house - 9:1;
  • Flush - 5:1, full house - 8:1.

These payout differences significantly affect the house edge. Naturally, the most profitable for the player is the first example.

When there are no errors in a game of video poker, then one can achieve the payback of 99.5%.

The RTP is significantly reduced with the decrease in payouts for these combinations. 

Video Poker Math

Land-based and online casinos can have several machines offering Jacks or Better Poker, but not all have the same pay tables and, consequently, the return percentage. Hardly any casino employees will tell you which option is more profitable for you. So you have to figure it out yourself.

By mathematical calculations and statistical knowledge, you can figure out how important it is not to be lazy and give yourself some time to study of rules of the video you intend to play. On average, about eight hands are played per hour. Assuming that you will play for 15 minutes, your theoretical losses on two machines with the maximum and minimum payouts of the above are as follows:

  • 6:1 for a flush and 9:1 for a full house (99.5% RTP) - a loss of $5;
  • 5:1 for a flush and 8:1 for a full house (97.3% RTP) - a loss of $27.

As you can see, just over an hour of the game, you theoretically lose $22 more at twenty-five cents if you choose automatic payouts for a flush and full house. Calculating your loss will increase if you bet a dollar is easy.

Therefore, you should seek video pokers with maximum payouts for all combinations.

Also, remember that max payouts are not the same in various video pokers. If the Jacks or Better maximum payments for a flush and full house are, respectively, 6:1 and 9:1. For example, in video poker Double Bonus, they can reach 7:1 and 10:1 for flash or full house. So video poker should be approached with an excellent theoretical background: the knowledge of basic strategy and the ability to choose the best machine.

Increased Payouts in Video Poker

In some types of Jacks or Better, payment for the most potent combination in the game at the maximum rate is increased disproportionately.

  1. The standard payout for royal flush while playing five coins is four thousand.
  2. In some machines, there is a system resembling a progressive jackpot. With each bet, contributions increase the number of payments on the top combination.
  3. You may also find games where the payout for the royal flush is higher than the fixed and ordinary standard.

Keep in mind that for every two hundred fifty coins added to the payout for the royal flush machine, returns increase by about half a percentage point. That is, if you find a video poker Jacks or Better with payments of 6:1 and 9:1 for flash or full house, as well as a jackpot of $ 1250 for the royal flush, you know that the return of this machine is about 100% (of course, if you play at the maximum rate).

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 Is video poker good for players?

In most traditional video pokers, RTPs are higher than they are in roulette, table pokers, or video slots. Thus, this casino game is suitable for customers.

❓ Do all video pokers feature the same return to the player?

No, they do not. You should always check the RTP and lool for video pokers with the highest returns to the player.

💎 How can I find the best video poker?

On Casinoz, you can read reviews of all video pokers by the most reliable providers of software for online gambling. In the articles, there are free demos. Use them to try the games.

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