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Jacks or Better video poker is the most popular version of this common gambling game, which is in demand among many customers of both brick and mortar and online casinos. According to the comments to the thematic articles and reviews of games, there are a lot of fans of Jacks or Better among the readers of the portal Casinoz.

It can be called the basic version that is recommended for the first acquaintance with video poker. Therefore, it is especially important to get rid of the most common mistakes typical for novice gamblers while mastering Jacks or Better. We have identified three key errors, which do not allow inexperienced customers to achieve the maximum results. 

Differences between Various Pairs

Beginners often forget the fact that not all pairs are paid in Jacks or Better. They may rather be aware of this fact, but still sometimes they ignore this in decision-making and consider worthless pairs and paid pairs as equally valuable.

This is especially true when you have to choose between a flush draw (a hand with four cards of the same suit) and a pair. If this pair is paid, it should be held. If you have a pair of tens or lower, you need to split them in order to try to collect a flush.

Open-ended Straight Draw

So, let's discuss a situation in which you have four consecutive cards, making it possible to collect a straight. This combination of cards is referred to as open-ended straight draw.

Inexperienced gamblers frequently overestimate the value of such hands. This is partly due to the fact that they subconsciously believe that these hands are similar to four cards to a flush.

However such hands in Jacks or Better are not very valuable. Very low multipliers are provided for them, and it is very difficult to collect a straight from them. This fact should be taken into account.

What to Do with Straight Draws?

To sum up, let's discuss some variations of incomplete flushes. To make more precise, we want to talk about four cards of the same suit in which there are three cards to a royal flush. For example, you have an ace of spades, a king of spades, a jack of spades, a seven of spades, and a deuce of diamonds.

Many people believe that in this case it is necessary to discard a deuce in order to try to collect a flush. However you should hold three cards that allow hoping to collect a royal flush. Firstly, you have an opportunity to collect the highest-ranking hand. Secondly, the probability of formation of a paid pair is fairly high.


In fact, to avoid those and other mistakes while playing Jacks or Better, master the basic strategy developed for this kind of poker. It will help you to act properly in each particular situation. You will have to follow the recommendations made on the basis of mathematical calculations. Inexperienced gamblers can simply print up a table with the strategy to use it as a cheat sheet.

Keep in mind that not all versions of video poker are equally beneficial. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with our tips for choosing Jacks or Better that are available in the separate article.

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