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Casinoz hardly needs to explain what a bonus hunting is. The very name of this phenomenon perfectly explains its essence. In other words, it is getting online casino bonuses. They introduce bonuses to attract and encourage customers, but hunters do not become their regular customers. They just get bonuses, win back their money and leave. Of course, owners of online casinos are not satisfied with such practices, so they prevent it in every way possible.

A little history

Until a few years ago, when online gambling is gaining momentum, the casino offered customers large bonuses with low requirements for wagering. In those days bonuses were really beneficial for the players, but the situation has changed dramatically because of bonus hunters.

It is believed that this movement was born in Denmark. Group of players from this country realized that you can earn good at online casino bonuses. Almost every day they got bonuses in various places, quickly performed simple conditions for their wagering and withdrew the winning.

This could have lasted very long if bonus hunters kept what they were doing in secret. But apparently, not everyone could keep their mouths shut, and the number of those wishing to profit from casino bonuses grew with each passing day. In the end, one of the TV channels in Denmark started the program with a story about this phenomenon. Of course, after that, a number of bonus hunters increased several times, and casinos could no longer tolerate that.

The measures taken

We must pay tribute to operators of online casinos, because the measures they took to fight with bonus hunters were very diverse. First of all, many of them stopped giving bonuses to players from Denmark, although this hurt honest players. But such restrictions were not enough, because bonus hunting has long gone beyond the country and became popular not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Therefore, some online casinos practically stopped giving no deposit bonuses and invitations, while others took very strict measures for their wagering. For example, the bonus had to be played a few dozen times, but only in certain games with a high house edge. So called "sticky" bonuses that simply can not be derived from the casino became also widely used.

Other casinos replaced bonuses with giveaways and spins, though, as a rule, they also pay winnings in the bonus you need to win back. They also prohibited making bets with low probability of loss. For example, bets on a red and black on roulette at the same time.

It got to the point that winners got prizes in paid tournaments as bonuses, to do their wagering.The rules for obtaining and withdrawing bonuses got many small nuances the inexperienced users do not pay attention to and then wonder why they can not get the winning.

Today, most bonuses offered in online casinos are not profitable for a player. Theoretically, as long as you follow the terms of wagering, and make bets of the required amount, you will lose more than you got in the form of bonuses. But we talked about how to calculate profitability of bonuses in a separate article on Casinoz, so we will not stop at this issue.

Are there any bonus hunters today?

This question can be answered as "yes" with confidence. Of course they are, but their activities are not as successful as before. Competition in the world of online gambling is very high, so sometimes casinos have to take risky steps to attract customers. Needless to say, that experienced bonus hunters instantly take advantage of them.

Now, this practice is not available to every user, because it requires a ruthless knowledge, skills and time to play professionally, but that does not mean that it is gone. Bonus hunters exists not only in online casinos, but also in the poker rooms and even bookmakers.

There is no doubt that attempts to cheat casino will always be undertaken until casinos exist. So blacklists of casinos will also be constantly updated.

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