Surrender in Blackjack (Blackjack)

Blackjack is one of the most ancient casino games, but it has not lost its popularity despite the fact that the gambling market provides diverse games of chance. In this game, the house edge is one of the lowest that makes blackjack popular among professional gamblers.
Although its rules are not complicated, many players fail to win regularly. To win, you should master at least the basic strategy. This article does not focus on the basics. It deals with the nuances of the option to "surrender", i.e. stop playing and get back the half bet. It is worth noting that novice gamblers rarely use it, because they do not want to lose the half bet. They do not think about the sum of money they lose while stubbornly continuing to try to be in luck in cases when it is necessary to retreat.
Unfortunately, this rule is available not at all online casinos. In fact, only about one third of them allow users to surrender if the situation seems to be losing. However many establishments motivate that by the dissatisfaction of customers who do not like that their partners at the table surrender, interfering with the gameplay. In fact, this is nonsense. The point is that this rule is favorable for experienced players and greatly reduces the house edge.
The overall principle of the option to surrender implies that gamblers may fold their hands after receiving two cards. The dealer will take your cards and half the bet. You will keep playing on other boxes. None of the casinos allows surrendering if the dealer has an ace, and in the majority of establishments it is prohibited to surrender if the croupier has any ten-value card.
Examples of the player's and dealer's hands for surrendering are provided below (for five- or six-deck blackjack in which the dealer stands on any 17). This is the most common version, proven by experienced professional players and mathematical statistics. These data were calculated by fans of exact figures. If you play only for adrenaline rush and want to provide the dealer who gets a percentage of casino profits with an opportunity to earn money, or you are totally indifferent to money, you should not follow these recommendations. However if your aim is either to beat a casino or at least not to lose a lot, do not make mistakes common to the majority of fans.
It is possible to surrender in the following cases (any options available at casinos are discussed) on hard player's cards, i.e. if the hand is formed without an ace.
So, if the dealer has an ace, surrender when the total score is from 5 to 7 or from 12 to 17 inclusive. We want to emphasize once more that it is rarely allowed to surrender if the croupier has a face-up ace.
If the dealer has a face-up ten-value card, surrender when you have a 14, 15, or 16. Even if a 16 is composed of two eights, you should not split that may seem profitable in other situations. Your 18 will not save you from the possible a dealer's 19, 20, or blackjack.
If the dealer has a 9, you should surrender in case of 16. You should not split two eights.
If your hand has an ace, most professional gamblers don't surrender. As you can see, the number of situations that require using this option is very limited, but the correct use of this rule can help players to save a considerable amount of money.

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Date: 2010-07-08

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