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When a new casino client first learns about card counting in blackjack, it seems that it is a science available only to the chosen ones. Then, as soon as he finds out that almost anyone can learn how to count cards, he thinks how to do the most in this profession. And then the question arises, how much you can earn, becoming a professional player and card counter.

In this article we will try to explain in simple terms the components of a winning run, so that you can calculate the theoretical level of income, as well as the pitfalls you should be afraid of. Perhaps putting it to the scales with "pros" and "cons", you will refuse from such an idea.


First of all, you must understand that you should study card counting only after you have thoroughly studied the basic strategy of blackjack, know how to identify the most favorable terms and adapt it to any changes in. You should be able to properly play in any situation, even if all external circumstances are against you.

Next, keep in mind that card counting is justified only in the brick and mortar casinos because in online blackjack all decks are shuffled before each hand. Moreover, many casinos are trying to protect themselves from professionals through a variety of measures, such as dealing cards face down, cutting off many cards of the decks and so on. Accordingly, it is possible that you simply can not find a casino in the region where it makes sense to count cards, and traveling long distances mean significant incidental expenses.

Do not forget that you have to hide your skills as pit bosses often expel players, suspecting them of card counting. And do not hope for justice - you will not get anything, pushing even valid claims.

If none of the above confused and discouraged you, let's calculate how much you can win if you knew how to count cards.

Theoretical win

So, having thoroughly studied the simple counting system and after finding attractive enough blackjack rules, you will be able to gain an advantage over the casino, reaching approximately 0.75%. This rate is affected by several important factors, because it should not be taken literally, but it is unlikely that you will achieve better results.

Then everything depends on the speed of the game and the size of bets. You need to find a table with a range of bets equal to or no less than seven units (for example, from five to thirty-five dollars), so you can play at a minimum bey, when the score is negative, and raise bets as soon as it changes in your favor.

Fast dealer can deal the cards at the speed of about four hundred hands per hour. Note that you will not always play at the table yourself. Suppose you'll play for an hour two hands. Let's assume the average bet is ten dollars. This means that you put down two thousand on the line. At the advantage casino ratio of 0.75% indicated earlier, you theoretically win fifteen dollars (2000h0.75 = 15).

So that your average income for a long stretch to be a hundred bucks a day, you need to play at such bet and distributions for over six hours. As you know, we talk about the game on a long stretch. Of course, sometimes you'll leave the casino with a considerable amount, but on other days you may failure.

Needless to say, that we don't mention the transport costs and tips. A generous gesture one can rob you of the average daily wage.

Another important point is the amount of money allotted to the game. The bigger your bankroll is, the less likely that you go down all over the protracted "black stripes."

The revenue increase

Is there a way to increase your winning? There are not so many options. Look for more favorable rules. Give preference to the table to play by yourself and with a quick dealer. Raise the bets, if your finances allow that. Learn more techniques to achieve a higher mathematical advantage over the casino.


In fact, the game result not often brings pleasure. According to the observations of the author, casino visitors who turn the gameplay into the way to earn money, cease to even larger losses. Ask yourself if you need it?

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