Misconceptions about card counting in Blackjack

Almost everyone heard about counting cards in blackjack. Even those who never played blackjack and have never been to a casino know about it. Such popularity is due to the efforts of Hollywood directors and writers who created popular movies on this subject, articles on the Internet, and various publications.

However, occasional players and even regular casino visitors think counters are genii with incredible abilities. It is not surprising if you consider the sources of information about them.

In this article, we will try to dispel the most common misconceptions about card counting so that Casinoz readers unfamiliar with this technique can get the right idea about it.

You Need Photographic Memory to Count Cards

At least, that's what many people think after watching Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

Unfamiliar with card counting, people believe they should memorize all cards and remember which ones are out and still in play. But in fact, there's no need for that.

Each card in the deck with a specified value is assigned a negative, zero, or positive index, which is added to the total bill when this card is folded. The player also varies rates and makes decisions based on this information. So, it is enough to read and not lose concentration during the game quickly.

Only Brilliant Mathematicians Can Count Cards

This idea came to many after watching Twenty-one. In reality, most card counting systems can be used by anyone with an average IQ. However, we will not deny that there are techniques that require ruthless skills.

Mastering Card Counting Takes Years

The oldest counting card system is quite complex and requires long practice. However, more simple techniques have been developed that are good even for those who visit casinos from time to time and play a lot. Do not forget that card counting without a strong knowledge of the basics of blackjack is unlikely to help you.

Card Counting Is Illegal

Casinos are actively promoting this statement, but by the laws of probably no country, counting cards is not punishable if it does use additional hardware. The players do card counting only with their brains, and no one can forbid that.

However, it does not mean you will not be asked to leave the casino if you are suspected of being a counter. At the same time, they can ban you even if you just regularly win because casinos do not like very successful customers.

Yet, if you do not advertise your skills and follow the advice from Casinoz, this is unlikely to happen.

You Cannot Count Cards in Eight Decks Blackjack

That's not true. You can count cards while playing with any number of decks. It's harder to do if the dealer cuts out many cards in the shoe or periodically burns cards. But even in this case, counting is possible.

Card Counters Win Every Time

Counters try to get rid of the house edge and gain an advantage over the casino. In other words, when playing blackjack, they win more than they lose and remain in the positive territory of the game. However, using only one winning card when counting is impossible in each game.

You Need Much Money to Count Cards

You must choose a table with minimum betting limits if your bankroll is not large. It is necessary to survive through possible periods of failures no one is immune from. So it is not so important to stock up a large sum to choose the right amount of bets.

You Can Count Cards at Online Casinos

Card counting is used to determine the ratio of large and small cards remaining in the game—the closer to the end of the deck, the more precise the counter's idea about the odds of winning.

In online casino blackjack, all virtual cards take part in every round. Discarded cards are returned to the deck or shoe after every game. That's why counting cards in online casinos is meaningless.

Yet, there are some exceptions. For example, there is a reason for counting cards in one-deck blackjack where you can play on many hands (if you find such a game). 


Learning to count cards can make you a good blackjack player after mastering the basic strategy. Go for it!

Frequently asked Questions

😎 Can I learn card counting in blackjack?

Most blackjack fans can master various methods of card counting. These techniques do not require exceptional skills or deep knowledge of mathematics.

🤑 Do card counters always win?

No, they do not. They beat the casino in the long run, but in a separate game session, every pro player can lose. 

🤑 Is it possible to count cards in online blackjack?

In most cases, card counting at online casinos is useless. In rare games, you can get some benefit from it, but do not expect to beat the casino.

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