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Recently we have written about craps on the portal Casinoz, because it seems to us that this excellent game is unfairly deprived of users' attention. This article deals with one of the most popular craps betting systems. You should be familiar with its basic rules and master craps terminology to understand what we are talking about.

This betting system is called Iron Cross. It should be admitted that it is very interesting but cannot help users to overcome the house edge, like all other systems.


The Iron Cross betting strategy is extremely simple. All you have to do is to make a field bet combined with place bets on the numbers 5, 6, and 8 (as shown). Bets of the same size are usually made, although some players believe that it is necessary to increase bets according to a certain progression or vary them in any other way.

If any bet loses or is removed from the layout after the payout occurred, you should make it (of the same size) again and keep playing. Let's take a look at all the possible options.

  • If 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled, a field bet is paid (for 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 - 1:1; for 2 and 12 - 2:1, or even 3:1 for 12 at some casinos) and place bets are left on the table layout.
  • If you roll 5, a place bet on 5 wins and paid 7:5, but a field bet loses. Other two bets remain on the table layout.
  • If 6 or 8 is rolled, the corresponding place bet wins and is paid 7:6, but a field bet loses. Other two bets remain on the table layout.
  • If 7 is rolled, all four bets lose!

Therefore, you can lose only in one case if 7 comes up. In all other situations you win some money (even a little amount). To be sure, 7 is the most common dice combination, since it is formed in one case out of six. You will win more frequently.


To make this betting system profitable, the payout for place and field bets should exceed the amount of losses when 7 is rolled. From the point of view of statistics, it is impossible over the long run. In fact, the Iron Cross betting system only combines bets with one or the other house edge. In other words, the combination of unfavorable bets cannot make the whole system profitable.

There are the following house edges for different bets:

  • Field bets- 2.78% (if casino pays 2:1 for 2 and 3:1 for 12)
  • Place bets on 5 - 4%
  • Place bets on 6 and 8 - 1.52%

Simple calculations show that if you follow this strategy, the house advantage will be 2.76% over the long run. If the field bet is always paid 1:1, the house edge rises to 3.87%.

Unbeatable Iron Cross

The Iron Cross betting system has a more profitable version called Unbeatable Iron Cross. We want to warn you that you should not deceive yourself, since this strategy does not allow you to win always. Its title sounds too optimistic, but thanks to it, it has become even more popular on the Internet than the initial version.

According to this system, bets can be made as soon as a point is established. You should make the following bets before you roll:

  • $5 on the field
  • $6 on 5, 6, and 8

Then you just need to repeat all bets in case of their loss or win (like while using the traditional Iron Cross betting strategy). However there is one fundamental difference. You have the same aim as those players who have made pass line bets. You also don't want 7 to come up. Therefore, as soon as the pass line bet wins, you should stop repeating bets, which are removed from the table.

This is explained by the belief that 7 should come up soon because it has not been rolled for a long period of time. Some players even hold a special account and stop betting at a certain stage. However this is nothing more than a kind of delusion according to which spins in roulette are related to each other. In fact, every spin and each roll of the dice has no relation to the previous rounds. Even if 7 did not appear one hundred times in a row, the probability of loss would be the same in the 101st spin.

In fact, if a field bet is paid 1:1 in all cases, the house advantage is 3.34% when gamblers use the Unbeatable Iron Cross betting system. This is less than in the traditional version of this strategy, but still higher compared to the use of pass line/do not pass line and odds bets.


Statistical data provided above characterize the Iron Cross and Unbeatable Iron Cross very well. This is clearly not the best way to play craps. However if we take into account that the casino customers often want rather to have a good time than to win, we can come to the conclusion that these strategies are quite good.

If you get bored making pass line bets and strengthen them making odds bets, combine this tactics with the Unbeatable Iron Cross betting system. The gameplay will be much funnier, and the house edge will be not critical.

Fans of online craps can gamble at the following casinos: Bellini and Betway. However craps can be found at any reputable casino.

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