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There are various betting strategies for craps, as well as for many other games of chance. Taking into account the fact that bets in this game vary depending on the size of embedded house advantage, such strategies have more sense than those that are used in roulette or slot machines. However we should not exaggerate their efficiency, since it is impossible to get rid of the house edge using them.

We have already told that the combination of pass line and come bets with odds bets provides the best opportunity to win, but we have not explained how to use this system. This publication on the portal en.Casinoz continues a series of articles devoted to craps strategies. It deals with the use of the point-based system in practice. Pass line and come bets will be made in conjunction with the odds bets. If you do not understand what we are talking about, you should read the rules and master the terms of craps.

This strategy is based on making bets with the lowest house edge. Such wagers are called pass line and come. They are paid 1:1. The house edge for them is about 1.4%. According to this system, they should be combined with even money odds bets (i.e., you have equal chances of winning with the casino in them.)

Your aim is to establish two point numbers and strengthen your bet on them using the odds bet. Let's describe this strategy using a bet of $1 as an example. Make a pass line bet of this size. If 7 or 11 is thrown on the come-out roll, the bet automatically wins. If the outcome is 2, 3, or 12, it immediately loses. In any of these cases you should start from the beginning.

If a point is established after the come-out roll (for example, it is 5), you have two options to choose from.

  • Firstly, make an odds bet of $1 on pass line. To do this, you should click next to the previously made pass line bet or directly on it. The new bet will appear outside the pass line field.
  • Secondly, make a come bet in the amount of $1. Then click on Roll to roll the dice.

The pass line and come bets act independently of each other. The Pass Line bet with the added Odds bet will be valid until the shooter rolls a point (in this case 5) or 7. In the first case, they will win, and they lose in the second case. However in both cases you have to start from the beginning, i.e. to wager $1 on pass line. If any other number is rolled, these two bets will continue to be valid.

Let's talk about our come bet. As you remember, the point has been already established and it is equal to 5. We also know that the come bet does not depend on the pass line bet. If 2, 3, 12 appears, it will lose. If the shooter rolls 7 or 11, it will win. It continues to be valid if other numbers come up.

Let's assume that the next roll establishes a point that is equal to 8 and your come bet is transferred to the appropriate field. Then you have to add the $1 odds bet. To do this, you should click with your mouse next to it on the same field. The picture above shows how the situation will look like.

There is the following situation. You made the pass line bet and added the odds bet to it when the point number was 5. You also made the come bet and added the odds bets when the point was equal to 8.

  • In case of the most unfavorable outcome (if 7 is rolled), you lose all bets and should start again.
  • If a 5 comes up, the pass line and odds bets will win. You will bet $1 on pass line.
  • If 8 is rolled, the come bet with the added odds bet will win. So, you should make the $1 come bet in the next round.
  • In all other cases all bets are still valid and you should make new ones.

This is a quite simple strategy that will allow you to more economically manage your funds while playing craps and provide you with good chances of winning at the major Europa Casino and Goldfishka Casino where you are always welcome.

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