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Syrian billionaire Faud Al Zayyat was a welcome guest in many London casinos, where he regularly played at maximum bets and often left there very large amounts. Dealers who like to give nicknames to their regular customers called him Fat Man for his physique, though, it may seem, that for his incredible riffs he would earn another nickname.

Playing in Aspinall's Casino

The favorite casino of Fayda Al Zayyat was famous London casino Aspinall's. Within the walls of this casino, he had his most impressive failure.

They say that it happened during the first visit to Aspinall's Casino. Faud Al Zayyat bought chips for half a million at the cashier's and went to the roulette table with bets for High Rollers. In Fifteen minutes, the money was gone. He went to the cashier again and exchanged there the same amount as in the first time. New chips also did not last long.

We do not know exactly how many times Faud Al Zayyat took out his purse, but that night Aspinall's Casino become was enriched by two and a quarter million pounds. Despite this huge loss, he came back to this casino roulette again and again leaving there huge amounts.

There is no accurate information about the total losses of Fayda, but it is known that the amount was of the tens of million pounds. According to unconfirmed reports, this high roller lost millions of pounds in about fifty casinos. Twenty-three millions were lost in Aspinall's, and ten in Ritz.


It all ended predictably. Soon Faud Al Zayyat Aspinall's owed casinos several million pounds. Casino administration filed it in court, and it froze the assets of billionaire. They even took his personal Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

Lawyers of Fayda made appeal citing unfair policies of the casino, by which it supposedly draws players into dependence by providing special conditions. Surprisingly, the Court decided in favour of Fraud and he did not have to pay the debt.

It's interesting that Faud Al Zayyat continued to play in the casino Aspinall's even during the trial with this casino. This is the most striking example of gambling with the hand and greed on the part of the Casino.

Currently, his name can be found in all ratings of high rollers compiled by various popular media channels, online publications and other sources.

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