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Anyone who knows how the casino operates from inside, knows that policies of different casinos regarding tips may be opposite. In the U.S., this aspect is regulated at the state level, and casinos obey the orders of the authorities, in the former Soviet Union, every owner of a gambling house decides on how dealers get tips (or whether get it not at all!).

We will not talk about real casinos in the past tense, because Russia has already opened the first legal casinos. And law enforcement agencies have not yet succeeded in eliminating gambling. Finally, there are the online casinos with games with live dealers where you can also thank a dealer with chips.

In some casinos, tipping is prohibited. It means, you can give them, but they may not reach the dealer. In others, dealers get all the money from customers and share it equally. In some casinos, every dealer reserves tip for themselves. In general, there are several options, and we now consider the main pros and cons of the most common methods of this issue.

The author does not claim to be a professional in personnel management. However, he has a similar experience, so he has reasoning from practical observations. We hope that this article will be not only interesting, but also useful to the readers of Casinoz.

Each dealer gets tips regardless of the casino income

Perhaps the worst of the options. Sooner or later, this approach leads to squabbles in the team. accusations of selfishness, envy those who get more tips are accused of fraud and so on. Actually, the level of theft is really growing. Also, there are more and more cases of fraud and card frauds.

Visitors start to complain about zealous dealers who ask to thank them after each win. There are cases when regulars forever just left casinos after it introduced a similar tipping system for this reason.

We can assume that the administration should be able to put in place such employees, but it is difficult. In general, such a scheme encourages dealers to neglect their duties, allowing customers to break the rules (even in small ways), and pursue personal goals.

Dealers get all tips regardless of the casino income and divide them equally

In such casinos, dealers are very motivated and cherish their work. They are very polite with most of customers. The team is usually cohesive and arranges all sorts of parties.

On the other hand, there are also negative consequences of selfish motives. But they are expressed not as in the first example, because at stake is only a small part of the amount received by each dealer personally. So they carefully think before breaking the rules or risking a fraud. The risk is unwarranted.

Dealers get tips only with a positive result of the casino (or per day) and divide them equally

Before gambling was prohibited in Russia and Ukraine, this principle was widely used in many small casinos. The administration did not want additional expenses, so the tips in this case went to the cashier.

When there are various options. For example, the amount of tips should not be more than 10% of casino revenue. Disputes may arise when important customers lose a large amount of money by giving tips all the way. It would seem that everyone should be happy. However, casino owners, knowing that not all loans are returned reinsured tip before they see the cash prize. Of course, experienced dealer can recall instances when the loans were written off in the casino for some services or barter back and staff left without tips and salary (if they worked for a percentage).

In general, this principle of the distribution of tips makes dealers worry about the result, but it is not always to their advantage. As a result, excitement, mistakes, rude attitude to winning customers, layoffs during long failures and so on.

Other options

In most non-professional casinos, tips are distributed among dealers at the discretion of the administration. Manager decides weather give them or leave in the casino, give what and to whom, and so on. It rises scandals, causes intrigue, slander, and lots of other problems. Don't use it if you want a team to have a healthy atmosphere.

Choice allocation schemes tip

We can't say that one approach is better than the others. The selection should be based on a specific situation. Be sure to take into account dealer's paid work (rate, the percentage of mixed system, bonuses), whether their salary is competitive, whether climate in staff-room is healthy, if they have extra motivation except tips, if they care about this job, how good the security service and management is.

In short, the distribution of tips is a serious matter, one of the most important for every casino vs. If a dealer can not earn extra money, it should be compensated in wages, social benefits and various privileges. Otherwise, they can easily change casinos.

If your opinion on this issue is different from ours, we are happy to discuss it in the comments or blogs. Share it and we will always reply.

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