Best Monthly bonuses 2020 (July)

Monthly casino bonuses

The best online casinos are not limited to invitation bonuses and free spins for beginners. Leading gambling operators try not only to attract as many new customers as possible, but also to retain existing users.

On large portals offer multi-level loyalty programs for regular players with points for bets and a variety of benefits, draws of cash and valuable prizes, free tournaments, as well as a variety of bonuses.

online casino bonuses

The most common bonuses for regular customers include monthly deposit bonuses. They are offered by most of the leading online casinos.

What is it all about?

Bonuses that players are awarded each month, may be offered under different names: reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, or simply deposit bonuses.

As a rule, they are available at the first deposit from the beginning of a new calendar month. Sometimes the promotion is valid only during the first days of the month.

Often, several bonuses are awarded during the month. For example, for every eighth deposit, as in the online casino 888.

In some cases, casino management establishes a special procedure for calculating monthly bonuses. It is better to specify the rules in the user agreement on the official website of the institution or ask the support staff.

Monthly Deposit bonus amount

It is possible to talk about the bonus amount only in relation to a certain online casino. Gambling sites offer different promotions, so there are no average rules.

The most common offer is a 100% bonus up to one hundred dollars/euro. However, on many portals, the bonus amount in cash and percentage is significantly different from these values.

In general, monthly bonuses are usually not as tempting as invitation bonuses.

Sometimes the bonus amount depends on the client's activity during the previous month. The administration or automated system takes into account how much money the user deposited, how often he played, how large were his bets, how much did he lose. The higher the performance, the more impressive will be  personal monthly bonus.

Monthly VIP bonus

Many online casinos offer  increased monthly deposit bonuses for high rollers.  By this they want to keep VIP customers and encourage them to continue to play at high bets.

If you are going to risk big, you can ask the support  representatives  whether the casino offer personal monthly bonuses.

How to get a monthly casino bonus?

Each month bonuses can be credited automatically or by the code provided by casino managers. Codes must be entered in a special window in the customer profile.

The order of bonus accrual is often detailed in the rules on the official website. You must follow all the instructions. This is the only way to be sure that there will be no problems with promotion participation.

How to play a monthly deposit bonus?

The vast majority of monthly bonuses need to be wagered. Personal promotions for the most valuable VIP clients can be an exception.

The wager is often not very hard. It is easier to meet its conditions than in the case of invitation bonuses. Just make sure you don't break any wagering rules. Check the list of allowed games. Learn whether the doubling bet rounds are taken into account. In short, be pedantic.

Weekly casino bonuses

A more pleasant promotion for regular customers are considered to be reload bonuses which are accrued every week. Such offers are valid in many large casinos. Also, they are often used by fresh gambling portals, forced to attract users with generous rewards.

Usually weekly casino bonuses are not very big. In percentage terms they rarely exceed 100% but  more often are within 50%. In monetary terms, the range in different institutions is very wide, so it should be clarified directly on the official website.

Most of these promotions apply to all players, but there are also bonuses that are provided only to users with certain statuses.

How do I get and wager a weekly bonus?

Often these credits are awarded by the bonus codes. They need to be entered in a special window when replenishing the account. It is sometimes necessary to speak directly to the customer service representatives.

As a rule, wagering conditions are not strict. You just need to take into account all the nuances of the rules.

Daily casino bonuses

Even more tempting are the bonuses that you can get every day. They are less common than monthly and weekly promotions. Reload casino bonuses, available daily, are never very large. This applies to percent and cash equivalents.

How do I get and wager a daily bonus?

General principles of accrual of such bonuses and wagering requirements are standard. They are provided either by code or after contacting the support, or automatically.

Before you withdraw bonus credits from your account, you need to wager them. Pay attention to all nuances - the size of the wager, the list of available games, acceptable bets.

What else to pay attention to?

Reload bonuses may not be offered to all customers. For example, some casinos have lists of excluded states and territories. Residents of these regions have the right to open accounts and play for money, but they are not awarded with registration and monthly bonuses. Check to see if these restrictions apply to you.

Reviews of permanent bonuses at Casinoz

In the thematic articles of this section of the encyclopedia of gambling we consider the most tempting for players monthly, weekly and daily bonuses of the best online casinos. Reviews may vary in structure, but all publications cover key aspects:

  • Description - presentation of the promotion, general information about the casino and the bonus;
  • Getting a bonus - features of the application, if it is required, and the rules of bonus accrual;
  • Wagering - fulfilling wagering requirements;
  • The nuances of the rules – territorial restrictions and other features that should be paid attention to.
  • Additional review tips and other important information may be offered at the end of the reviews.

Under the articles, casino customers share their experience, ask questions, write reviews about bonuses and evaluate promotions on a ten-point scale. Any registered user has the right to express his opinion and give his assessment.


Regular online casino bonuses are rarely huge and therefore do not seem as tempting as the starter packages of invitation bonuses for beginners. But in most cases they are offered on much more favorable terms. In particular, they are usually easier to wager and cash out, making them attractive to smart and experienced players.

Bonus reviews on Casinoz and thematic sections at online casino reviews will tell you about the best offers in the world of online gambling. Read articles, stay tuned and feel free to ask questions to our experts.