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The presence of various bonuses is one of the advantages for choosing the online casino, but you must realize that they require compliance with various conditions. Sometimes meeting these requirements can be very difficult, and in some cases it is better to abandon attempts to cash out a bonus.

If you are searching for bonuses that casinos give for the first deposit, the main criterion for their selection should not become the promised amount. Rather, you should pay attention to what you need to do to play it. Such items as set out, as a rule, in the small font and usually they are not particularly publicized. Very often, trying to get a bonus, players lose all the money (actually, it is designed for it).

But let's start from the beginning. Not everyone knows that cashing out bonuses awarded to players after the first deposit, immediately is impossible. It is prohibited by the rules of the casino. Usually you need to play a bonus. In other words, you need to do the specified minimum bets in games that the casino offers.

In general, the requirements for wagering a bonus can vary considerably. Thus, the size of the minimum bet may be even fifty of deposits and bonuses. Such conditions are called "wagering". Furthermore, there may also be the minimum requirements for the first deposit. For wagering you can only usr game chips of the specified rating. You know, in some cases, the cost of the bonus is not so big, otherwise wagering it becomes too difficult. In games such as poker, you usually have to play a number of hands at set minimum rates.

Some online casinos set a specific time period during which the first deposit bonus must be wagered or it burns. Therefore, tempted by the promise of a generous bonus, properly examine all conditions of its cashing out. Perhaps difficulty with time or finances will not allow you to withdraw and cash it.

Even more stringent conditions for wagering of the initial deposit set the list of games where it can be done. Naturally, it is often unpopular or unfavorable games, and the bonus is issued for bringing them to the customers. You may even know their rules, so think for yourself, if you can win them, or at least stand "on your own" for the required number of bets.

So, we recommend to study the section of the rules and conditions of wagering online casino bonuses. At the same time, pay attention not only on the amount of the bonus, but also all conditions of its wagering, as they may look wrong at first glance.

Only after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", you should do the first deposit and accept rules for conversion of bonuses into real money.

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