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All reputable online casinos offer their customers so-called loyalty programs. They can also be called a players club, VIP programs and so on. Their principles may also differ in originality, but their main goal is the same - to reward players who regularly play in this casino. In this article we discuss the main aspects of online casino loyalty programs and will give you some tips for choosing them.

What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a scheme providing all sorts of privileges, benefits and incentives to the casino regular clients. It can be accumulated game points that can be exchanged for real money after reaching a certain amount, prizes, special bonuses, gift cards and so on. In land-based casinos, such programs often involve free accommodation, dinners at the restaurant or gifts.

Of course, the longer you play the casino especially at high bets, the more rewards it will give you. Do not think that loyalty programs are only to those visitors who regularly lose. Administration of any good casino understands that sooner or later the mathematical advantage of all the games and excitement of the player will do the job and make a lucky customer a source of revenue.

Tiered loyalty programs

In many casinos, loyalty programs have several levels often denoted by colors or names of precious stones and metals: gold, platinum, ruby, diamond. The higher the level of a player, the more the game points, the higher bonuses, the greater privileges he gets.

In most cases, the levels of loyalty are determined by the total amount of bets a client makes in a certain period (a month or a quarter). A new phase is given when reaching the required amount. But if for the next period, he does not gain the required number of points, he may be returned to the previous level.

Common loyalty programs among various casinos

Some online casinos are grouped together to provide a better service to its customers in terms of organization of large-scale loyalty programs and joint tournaments, promotions and drawings. A striking example of such an association is the Vegas Partner Lounge Group, which includes ten large online casinos and two poker rooms.

Such organizations can not afford to raffle cars, jewelry and trips to travel around the globe. They hold the largest tournaments with incredible prize pools. Casino customers that are a part of these groups get gifts for birthdays and invitations to restaurants. All this is a powerful incentive for people to continue to play in this casinos.

Principles of accumulation loyalty program points

The most common form of a loyalty program in any online casino is a system of cumulative points that can be exchanged for money. Any scheme is easiest to understand with illustrative examples, so let's look at how this happens in the Vegas Partner Lounge loyality program.

At the initial stage, all clients get these casino gaming scores for different games with bets under the following scheme:

  • 1 point for 10 credits (Slots, American Roulette and unique games)
  • 1 point for 20 credits (Poker, Casino War, Red Dog, Sic Bo and some types of roulette)
  • 1 point for 100 credits (video poker, baccarat and craps)
  • 1 point for 200 loans (other types of roulette)
  • 1 point for 500 credits (Blackjack and All Aces)

Then a player can exchange 500 points for 2 credits or 1000 points for 5 credits.

Silver category customers get by 25% more points, gold - by 50% and platinum - by 100%.

Choosing a loyalty program

If a loyalty program is one of the key factors for choosing online casino games, we recommend you to carefully look at the following options:

  • What will a loyalty program give you?
  • Does it meet your expectations?
  • Do you meet the requirements of the program?
  • Are you satisfied with what you get on your level of potentially program?
  • How generous is this loyalty program comparing to the competitors' casinos?
  • How to earn points in your favorite games?
  • How many points should you accumulate for their monetization?
  • Can you really use the privileges of the rest of the program, or they will remain to you only as a theoretical possibility?
  • If you play at high bets if this loyalty program has additional benefits for High Rollers, besides high bets?

By answering these questions, you will understand if this loyalty program is good for you.

Remember that really good suggestions have benefits and not encourage to continue the endless game.

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