Empire Global is a company that provides both online and land-based gambling and betting activities. The license for providing such activities was issued to the company in Italy. The company has recently attracted the attention of the gambling world by announcing the purchase of two companies. One of them focuses on manufacturing software for gambling and betting, and the second one is a management organization that controls numerous offline gambling agencies in Italy.
As soon as an agreement is signed, the staff of both companies is at disposal of Empire Global. The list of employees includes experienced software engineers, marketing agents, and skillful gaming specialists. It is expected that the company will not dismiss former employees. However, Empire Global will appoint its own executives.
Both deals have contributed to the conversion of Empire Global into a full-fledged provider of gaming and wagering activities. The company will offer the best innovative software solutions. To be sure, the position of the company on the Italian gambling and betting market has become much stronger.
Michele Ciavarella, CEO of Empire Global, believes that the deals have showed that Empire is ready to master the Italian market and enjoys trust and confidence among its customers.
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