Keno Review

Keno was mentioned for the first time in approximately 200 BC. The game is believed to have appeared in the Ancient China. Nowadays keno is a favorite game of many players not only in the East, but also in Europe. The goal of keno is to predict the highest possible quantity out of 20 randomly selected numbers. These numbers vary from 0 to 80. A player may stake and guess numbers. His win will increase if he is lucky enough.

The user places bets on the keno board with numbers from one to ten at the beginning of the game. After this, the player needs to click on Quick Pick and the computer will automatically select other ten numbers. If the client wants to add numbers from the previous round to the current bets, he should click on the button Repeat Pick. To make a bet, the player should use the chips $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $5 at the bottom of the screen. The button Play 1 runs the game: the computer automatically puts 20 chips on the keno board with 80 numbers. The player's payout depends on the quantity of predicted numbers.

Since the game is very popular, keno can be found in almost each online casino.


7.67 /10

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