Super Seven Blackjack Review

This is one of the original variants of blackjack. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that it includes a bet Super 7. At the beginning of blackjack, the dealer and you receive two cards. The goal of this game is to collect cards whose total score is closer to twenty one than the dealer's score without exceeding twenty one. As for the additional bet, its goal is to get sevens of the same suits. In case of the best outcome, you win both the standard blackjack hand and the additional bet Super 7. Blackjack is a game with a full check of the dealer's cards. This suggests that if the dealer's upcard is a ten or an ace, he checks his hole card for the presence of a blackjack. If he has the blackjack, the dealer immediately faces it up.

A few words about blackjack with several players:

•  Up to five participants can play simultaneously and communicate with each other.

•  You have the opportunity to sit at the individual table and choose the players with whom you would like to play.

•  You can play up to three hands at one table simultaneously.

•  In the case if an upcard is an ace or a ten, the dealer checks his hand for blackjack.

•  It is necessary to choose a table with desirable limits of bets: 1 - 100 euros, 5 - 500 euros or 25 - 1,000 euros.

•  When a new table is opened, you are provided with the opportunity to choose the maximum time limit for betting (15 or 30 seconds).

•  You can also watch the game without taking part in it.

If the total score of your cards is closer to twenty one than the dealer's ones, you win as much as you wagered. If you have blackjack, you win one and a half bets, but only if the dealer does not have blackjack. Aces may bring either one or eleven points. Face cards are ten-valued and all other cards are considered according to their ranks.

If the total score of your cards is more than twenty one, you go bust, i.e. lose your bet despite the fact whether the dealer goes bust or not. If you have the same number of points as the dealer has (over seventeen), nobody wins and your bet is returned. In addition, the combination of blackjack beats any other combination that has twenty one points.

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