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WinStar Worlds Casino and Resort is the largest casino in the world located in the small cozy town of the United States - Trucksville. Geographically, the hotel is located near the Oklahoma - Texas border. Star Worlds with an area of 34,000 m2 includes a hotel (in total over 1000 rooms), conference rooms of various sizes, a pool with a waterfall, a spa, many world-class restaurants, a golf club and of course the largest casino.

WinStar Worlds Casino and Resort is located 120 miles south of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. It takes approximately one hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth Subway to the hotel.

The title of the largest WinStar was awarded due to the truly impressive dimensions of the building itself, whose area is 34,000 m2.


WinStar World Casino and Resort is an American tribal casino and hotel located in Tuckerville, Oklahoma, near the Oklahoma-Texas border. It is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation. The casino opened as WinStar Casinos in 2004 and was expanded in 2009 (with a 395-room hotel tower) and renamed WinStar World Casino; Its 370,000 square feet (34,000 m 2) area has made it the largest casino in the world.

WinStar World Casino & Resort story

The history of the largest casino in the world begins in 2004, when its doors were first opened for visitors. Initially it was called WinStar Casinos, but soon, in 2009, it expanded, building another hotel tower with 395 rooms, and became known as WinStar World Casino.

After the construction of the second tower of the hotel with 1000 rooms was completed, the institution became the largest casino in the United States, overtaking Foxwood Resorts Casino in terms of its area.

Many famous personalities worked on the architecture of the building, some sculptures were made to order. The hotel was designed by the famous Larry Seitz, who has already developed the concepts of such casinos as Sands, Trump Taj Mahal, Barona Casino, Buffalo Run and many others. The art, sculpture and special effects were produced and marketed by ValueWorks in Dallas.

The exterior and architecture were designed by Lyndon Stromberg, whose portfolio includes The Venetian, MGM Grand Las Vegas and several others.

WinStar World Casino in its design contains not only style and sophistication, but also interesting "Easter eggs", for example, the long facade of the hotel is a copy of the London Parliament building, the Roman Colosseum and the Arc de Triomphe from Paris.

WinStar World Casino & Resort casino

WinStar Worlds Casino and Resort is a mesmerizing atmosphere of luxury, gambling and nightlife that absolutely everyone can immerse in. As mentioned above, this casino is the largest in the world, so the number of machines, games, poker tables in total is about 10,000, namely:

  • 8500 electronic games
  • 55 tables in the poker room
  • 100 board games
  • 9 themed venues spread over a mile

A distinctive feature of WinStar casino from many others is the presence of different platforms for games that you can play all night and, as the casino itself says, "play and win!"

Each playground puts visitors in the atmosphere of a particular city or territories, which bewitches and beckons.

  • New York Gaming Plaza

The play area is designed in the style of the New York City, in the center of which there is a mini-version of the Statue of Liberty. Within sight of the main attraction, you can hit the fateful jackpot or stroll along the stellar embankment after participating in "off-track betting" from the casino itself.

  • Paris Gaming Plaza

The atmosphere of this play area can be described in one phrase - "city of lights". The Parisian atmosphere beckons: the flickering of lights that flare up in anticipation of a big win, the Parisian mood... Also on this site there is a huge assortment of exquisite dishes, for which you should definitely visit Paris Gaming Plaza.

  • RIO Gaming Plaza

This site transports its visitors to Rio = Janeiro. And what about this beautiful Brazilian city? Of course, the exciting nightlife, and the WinStar World Casino also has huge jackpots and the newest and most popular games. The main difference of this site is only fresh air. No cigarettes, vapes or cigars - just freshness and free breathing.

  • Beijing Gaming Plaza

This site is the real Far East: incredibly beautiful temples, palaces and many secrets and mysteries. An unrivaled collection of games fills this room from edge to edge, so all players have to do is win.
Also, in addition to special playgrounds, the casino has dedicated game rooms and spaces, which once again allows you to propel everything with the grandeur and scale of WinStar World.

  • Poker room

The Poker Room has 55 gaming tables dedicated to the art of bluffing, betting and winning. The perfect ecological complement to this play area is that it is ideal for non-smokers.

  • Racers OTB

A place where grandiose betting is combined with continuous streaming from around the world is Racers OTB. The best TVs with the highest resolution broadcast the biggest races, which you just want to watch, which you just want to bet and, of course, win.

  • High stakes

This is the perfect place for those high-stakes gamblers. In High Stakes, the stakes can be raised as high as possible. Do you know why there are very high rates here? Because WinStar World Casino is the largest casino in the world!

  • Lightning link lounge

This place can be described as “the pinnacle of electronic games” with dynamic light and crystal clear sound effects. The Lightning Link Lounge features over 150 linked machines, free games, progressive jackpots, hold bonuses, and spin bonuses.

  • Bingo hall

Bingo is the start of WinStar World, a local landmark, so to speak, with a 651-seat bingo hall. Games are held according to a fixed schedule, which is provided on the official casino page.

Star guests are not uncommon at this casino. Bob Dylan, Jerry Seinfeld, Sting and Maroon 5 have already visited the casino to name but a few!


WinStar World Casino and Resort is an excellent place for holding events of various sizes, therefore, various musical groups, artists, duets come to this "world stage" with their shows and performances. All information about the schedule of such events is provided on the official website of WinStar World The hotel also has a specialized golf academy WinStar, which will gladly welcome guests. The golf club is equipped with new technologies, impressive equipment and professional experts to help you improve your skills. But that's not all! The golf club includes 8 golf courses with a total area of 4500 m2, as well as the best instructor team in the region!

However, for lovers of cozy evenings there is entertainment to their liking. Guests can visit the spa or indulge in some of the world's finest restaurants for dinner, where the quality and taste of food is something divine!


WinStar World Casino - 37,000 m2, 100 table games, over 8500 electronic games, Poker Rom with 55 tables. But let's take a closer look at casino games and services: Electronic games This casino is a home for electronic games, because such a collection and such a variety are few and far between. There are electronic games for every taste: from classic to the most modern straight from the section "Hot news".

Board games Here you will find table games for every taste: from poker favorites to craps roulette. All that remains is to place your bet and win!

  • Mega Madness Bingo

After purchasing a ticket to one of the 21 kiosks, you can already play. Moreover, the game is played not only with WinStar World visitors, but also with guests from other casinos, which is many times more interesting!

  • Poker

Of course, what casino can you imagine without poker? Here you can play with staggering stakes, for example $ 3,000,000, which is already breathtaking. The table is selected according to your desire, experience and taste, so you can safely go try, play and win!

  • Bingo

Big jackpots, big payouts, big promotions - it's all about the game of Bingo. Imagine you are sitting in a gigantic hall face to face with other players and each of you wants to win a big pot! Sounds incredible! Therefore, it's time to get acquainted with the schedule of games on the official casino website and feel all this atmosphere for yourself!

  • Off-track Betting

- these are the best bets on racing comfortable atmosphere and TVs with incredible resolution

  • Find your game

If you suddenly have doubts about where to go and what games to play - WinStar World Casino will do everything for you! On the official website, you just need to indicate your preferences and artificial intelligence will select the best option for you!

How to get WinStar World Casino & Resort

The hotel is accessible by car (97 km from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport). Car rental available.
You can get to Macau from Vladivostok, for example, take a direct flight to Hong Kong (the journey takes only 4.5 hours), and from Hong Kong by high-speed ferry in just 55 minutes. S7 flies to Hong Kong from Vladivostok on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as Aurora on Thursdays. The cost of a ticket from S7 for a full fare with baggage there and back starts from 19,380 rubles.


WinStar Hotel

The aroma of luxury, comfort and pleasure emanates from the hotel, which is why there are more and more people wishing to visit this place every day. WinStar Hotel has several hundred rooms with different designs so that guests can definitely find the perfect option for themselves.

Pool Tower King
The room is located in one of the hotel's towers, near which there is a golf course, spa center and many other activities. The room has a king-size bed and a spacious bathroom
Pool Tower Queen
Double room with a queen-size bed and all amenities near the hotel
Casino Tower King
King room which includes absolute apartment service
Casino Tower Queen
A room located next to the largest casino and a queen-size bed will leave no one indifferent


The hotel offers several categories of delicacies. The official website contains a complete list of cafes, restaurants and eateries, but below we will take a look at the most popular and most demanded ones.
Kirby's Prime Steakhouse
Mickey Mantle's
Dairy Queen / Orange Julius
Ihop Express

Loyalty program

The casino has a loyalty program. Players receive pincoins for deposits and active play. Points are used to calculate the status of clients. The higher the level, the more privileges.
New Member Promotion 25% Loss Is Your Gain Flash Play
15$ reward for the first point earned The ability to recover 25% of your loss (from 100$ to 250$) Play money is kept for 48 hours
Additional rewards of 15$ are raffled off when you collect an additional 25 points. Payback occurs every Tuesday and Wednesday Games that are no longer interesting to you will be automatically transferred to the flash game after the release of the map.
20$ rewards when you score an extra 50 points. yes no
A 50$ reward is drawn when you collect an extra 250 points yes no


WinStar World Casino and Resort is a truly magical place that everyone should visit. The scale, design, conditions, entertainment ... All of this amazes and inspires. Interesting design ideas, for example, playgrounds made in different styles - this is what you need to see and feel for yourself!

Frequently asked Questions

Does Winstar Hotel offer free cancellation with full refunds?

Yes, Winstar Hotel has refundable rooms available for booking on our website. Reservations can be canceled several days prior to arrival.

Is there free parking?

Yes, self parking is free.

Are pets allowed at Winstar Hotel?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

Are there restaurants on or near the Winstar Hotel?

Yes, there is local and international cuisine on site. Restaurants such as Pizza Bistro (4 minutes walk), Pizza and Gourmet coffee (4 minutes walk) and Deja Vu (7 minutes walk) are nearby.

Editorial rating
  • The cleanliness of the rooms and the quality of their service are excellent
  • Magnificent views from almost all rooms
  • The casino has several playgrounds stylized for different cultures
  • Some services are really expensive
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Kirby's Prime Steakhouse
Mickey Mantle's
Dairy Queen / Orange Julius
Ihop Express
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