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It is difficult to remember the popular card game for money, which would not involve an ACE. 


Ace is a playing card used in most card games and in solitaire games.

The classic design of the ACE in the center of the sheet is the sign of the suit.

The ACE in different games can be the highest or the lowest card, but most often it is the most valuable element.

In straight poker, it is used in two ways: ACE–2–3–4–5 or 10–Jack–Queen–king–ACE. In many varieties of poker ACE- the king is considered the minimum combination.

In blackjack, an ACE gives one or eleven points. The choice is made automatically in favor of the player.

Combinations with an ACE in blackjack are called "soft" (soft). They require specific decisions on the underlying strategy. Read more about this term in a separate article. 

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