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Baccarat gambling is widespread all over the world. It is presented in offline establishments and on gambling sites. 


Baccarat, FR. Baccara – an ancient card game, long considered gambling entertainment aristocrats'.

Baccarat uses six or eight standard decks of fifty – two cards without jokers.

The goal of the game is to defeat opponents by gaining more points'. Scoring is conducted on a special system.

According to the original rules, the opponents played each other against each other. They made their own decisions about whether to take more cards.

In the casino, a simplified version of baccarat is common, in which customers play against the establishment. By the rules of mini-baccarat, you need to guess who will win: the banker a conditional or a suspended player. A draw bet is also accepted.

A set of cards on the boxes of the player and the banker is made strictly by established rule. Payouts are calculated according to certain coefficients:

  1. 1:1 on a bet of the player; 
  2. 1:1 (without 5% commission) at banker's rate; 
  3. 8: 1 or 9: 1 at the rate of a draw.

It is not recommended to bet on a draw since it is laid maximum casino superiority (from 7% to 14%). For comparison, in bets on player and banker figures are just over one percent.

Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games with live dealers.

There are varieties of online baccarat with accumulative jackpots. They are played at additional rates.

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