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It is a slang expression most commonly found in the sports betting industry. 


Beard – a bookmaker's client who bets for other people.

The origin of the nickname stems from the desire to conceal his identity. For this, he can actually grow a beard.

Then send someone to play instead of yourself? This is necessary in different situations:

  • If the client is blacklisted,
  • If the bets are made by a celebrity who does not want to catch the eye of the paparazzi,
  • If a person – an advantage player, by all means avoiding publicity,
  • If bets are placed by a professional athlete who is prohibited from engaging in such activities,
  • If it's an official afraid of hurting his career, 
  • If the player wants to exceed the limit in force in the office, and so on.

In many jurisdictions, this practice is considered illegal.

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