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In the world of gambling is a very strong belief that beginners are lucky, so this expression can be heard in casinos around the world. 


Beginner's Luck – confidence that new customers have a better chance of winning than regular players.

You've probably heard the phrase: "Beginner's luck." It also appears in the extended version: "the casino is lucky for beginners, fools and drunks." Less often to these "lucky" add children. 

In fact, this assumption is not supported by anything. Of course, there are no scientific studies or confirmed practical observations proving that new players are more likely to win over the casino.

The laws of mathematics apply equally to all users. 

Most likely, this misconception arose from the fact that the winning newcomer surprises other visitors and attracts their attention sincerely rejoicing received payments. In such cases, the regulars begin to grumble at fate and repeat: "Beginners are lucky."

In games that require special knowledge and skills, inexperienced customers win harder than professionals. By making the wrong decisions, newcomers reduce the theoretical return and increase the mathematical superiority of the casino. However, in a separate game session, the result may depend solely on luck.

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