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Bingo game is very popular in the USA and some other countries. It is offered in offline bingo halls, especially popular among the older generation. It is also common in the online game format for online casinos. 


Bingo – a gambling game in which participants cross out numbers in special cards, determined randomly.

Traditionally, the presenter pulls numbered balls from the drum, announcing the numbers aloud. To win, you need to be the first to cross out the numbers located in the same row. Usually, the player who has fulfilled this condition shouts: "Bingo!"

The winner gets the prize Fund. Most often, it is made up of contributions made by all opponents.

The game originated in the twenties of the last century and has since undergone numerous changes. Currently, there are several common versions, but they are arranged according to the above principles.

Online bingo

In the online casino, bingo is offered in the form of a model running on a random number generator. The customer buys the card, independently indicating their value. The higher the price, the larger the potential payouts.

Usually, you can win in several ways, crossing out a certain number of numbers in the card or making some patterns out of them.

Meet online bingo with cumulative jackpots, bonus payouts, purchase of additional balls and other prize options.

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