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This is one of the most popular games, widely distributed in online casinos and offline establishments. 


Blackjack is a casino-gambling card game.

The predecessor of blackjack is considered to be the French game twenty – one.

Blackjack uses one or more of the standard a deck of fifty – two cards without a Joker.

General rules

The goal is to defeat the dealer by collecting more points than he has. But you can't exceed twenty – one. The client also receives a payment when brute force croupier.

Winnings can be accrued on blackjack insurance, in according to the "equal money" rule, the so-called "Charlie rule" and in other ways provided by different versions of the game.

During the draw, the client receives two cards and sees one dealer's card. Based on the available information, he takes more cards, stops the set, doubles the bet, divides the cards into two hands and takes other actions due to blackjack rules.


There are dozens of versions of blackjack: European, American, switch, Spanish 21, pontoon and so on.

Casino operators and software developers for Internet gambling independently determine the set of rules in each game.

Mathematics of blackjack

A set of rules involved in a particular version, allows you to calculate the mathematical advantage of the casino. In most attractive to the player varieties, it can be reduced to several a tenth of a percent.

Professional game

The most profitable varieties of blackjack allow you to play on an equal footing with the casino or even gain mathematical superiority over institution. Professionals play according to the optimal strategy selected for the version they want.

They also resort to additional methods: card counting, shuffle-tracking and other techniques that increase the efficiency of the game.

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