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Each gambling establishment has its own blacklist of clients, working long enough for it to have time to form. Networks may have uniform lists prohibiting certain persons from appearing in all establishments of the operator. There are also known global blacklists, which apply to entire regions. 


Blacklist – a list of people who are prohibited from using the services of the institution. 

Most often, customers from the blacklist are prohibited from entering the casino at all. Sometimes they can visit it, but they can not play for money and approach the playing area. For example, legendary blackjack players can be invited by operators to themed events and given all sorts of privileges, but they are not allowed to play directly.

People fall into the blacklist of the casino for various reasons:

  • Fraud,
  • Systematic human rights violations,
  • Inappropriate behavior,
  • Advantive game,
  • Abuse of bonuses,
  • Work on the competition, and so on.

Sometimes casinos blacklist a client without really explaining what's going on. So often do small provincial institutions.

Perhaps the most famous blacklist in the gambling business is considered to be "Griffin's Book" , compiled by Griffin Investigations. It is also called «Black book» . People on this list are kicked out of most American casinos.

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